Making a difference – the Perkins charity commitment

Wherever we are in the world, supporting local charities is a major commitment for our teams. As a company, we’re proud to give our charity backing to a number of organisations, and we also have nominated charity partners, on which a large part of our charitable effort is focused.

Many of the charities supported by employees at our different facilities around the world concentrate on providing educational help for children and those who are in general need. Others are connected with the protection of the environment.

Our employees are a part of the local communities in which they live – and so are we. That’s why we’re keen to do whatever we can to help.
Annette Ward, corporate and marketing communications manager

Salvation Army

Charity partners – Peterborough, UK

Our charity partners for the next couple of years are:

  • East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), which offers support to families, children and young people living with life-threatening conditions in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind, providing mobility for the blind and partially sighted, with a particular focus on the Peterborough branch
  • Little Miracles, a Peterborough-based charity for families that have children with additional needs, disabilities, and life-limiting conditions
  • Peterborough Salvation Army, the local branch of the national organisation which helps people in poverty, need or distress
Our most recent charity partner was Anna’s Hope, an East of England charity which helps children and young people with brain tumours. It received more than £60,000 over two years, which included Perkins matching pound for pound all the money raised by employees. Money raised at the Perkins Great Eastern Run also went to Anna’s Hope.
EACH- East Anglia's Children's Hospices.

Around the world

All around the world, Perkins is closely involved in charity projects aimed at benefiting local communities where we work. We’re involved in a number of projects for children and those in general need, and in supporting organisations connected with the protection of the environment.

Educational charities

Much of our involvement concerns the promotion of science, technology, engineering and maths – the vital STEM subjects for the world’s future scientists and engineers.

Seguin and Griffin in the U.S, Wuxi in China and Peterborough in the UK are among facilities where employees are ready to offer help to local schools, whether by providing experts to speak to pupils about engineering and the world of work, or supplying books, stationery and writing materials.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Children and those in need

Our employees support a variety of children’s charities in their own areas, whether it’s providing support for heart operations for children in Shanghai, China, or involving themselves in a scheme to provide materials and facilities for art work to help young patients recuperating in hospital.

At various facilities, employees donate clothing, stationery and school equipment for underprivileged children and young people. And at Stafford, there’s support for Katharine House Hospice, which provides people suffering from incurable illnesses with free care.

The environment

We are fully behind a range of local environmental charities and appeals.

Our contributions include tree-planting in Wuxi and work with the local wildlife trust in Stafford to support a community project called Wild About Stafford. Its aim is to protect the natural wetlands around the town, and encourage local people to discover the plants and animals that live there.

It may be financial support or it may be our employees offering their time and their enthusiasm,but in all sorts of local charity appeals and projects, where we can help – we do.

Little Miracles

Fast facts

Perkins supports charities that:

  • Help local communities where our facilities are based
  • Are backed by local employees
  • Focus on children and young people
  • Protect the environment

Our place in the community

Our place in the community

There are two main strands to our corporate social responsibility (CSR). As a responsible manufacturing company, we take a close interest in environmental projects in the communities where we’re based.

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