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Perkins service


The path to worry-free ownership begins and ends with Perkins.

Perkins has been building durable, reliable, efficient diesel engines for more than 90 years and millions of users around the world depend on them every day. The people who design and build Perkins engines are proud of their products, and they’re dedicated to making sure the people who use them receive full value and the most worry-free ownership experience possible.



The commitment begins with the standard warranty that covers every Perkins engine leaving the factory, and for many engine builders that would be enough. But, not for Perkins.

Perkins® Platinum Protection

Any time before your factory warranty expires, you can add Perkins® Platinum Protection (PPP) for a single low payment. Depending on engine model or rating, PPP delivers a range of extended coverage options, which your local distributor will provide more information on. PPP even covers aftertreatment systems and engines used in harsh environments, all with no deductibles, no inflation and no surprises.*

And, if you sell the Perkins powered equipment, PPP is fully transferable to the new owner. That adds value to the engine if you come to sell.

PPP also ensures the use of genuine Perkins parts that are serviced and installed by a trained Perkins distributor technician to keep your engine up to factory standards. That’s important, because while it’s true that off-brand aftermarket parts might fit your Perkins engine, that’s no guarantee that they will deliver the same performance and protection delivered by genuine Perkins parts from the people who designed and built the engine.

Perkins technicians have been trained to Perkins standards and are supported by resources stretching all the way back to the engineers who designed the engine or the factory that built it.

Access to the worldwide network of Perkins authorised distributors, their trained technicians, genuine Perkins parts and global support resources is part of the value built into every Perkins engine. Signing up for Perkins Platinum Protection strengthens that relationship and brings you one step closer to the beginning of a worry-free ownership experience.

For many engine builders that would be more than enough. But, not for Perkins.

Perkins® Hypercare

Perkins® Hypercare extends the bond between you, the engine owner, and your Perkins distributor - whether it’s newly purchased or already owned. Hypercare is a highly-customisable total support package designed to deliver maximum performance and uptime and a predictable and economical ownership cost.

Hypercare achieves these goals by providing expert care and service at every stage of the engine’s life cycle from commissioning to overhaul and re-powering. Engines already covered by Perkins Platinum Protection can be seamlessly incorporated into Perkins Hypercare to deliver enhanced protection against unforeseen costs during the extended coverage period.

You can choose a Hypercare plan covering parts only, service only, parts and service or total maintenance and repair. Regardless which of the many options you choose, Hypercare provides significant parts and service savings compared to non-Hypercare prices.

Every Hypercare option assures you of genuine Perkins parts and/or services performed by highly trained distributor technicians. With Hypercare, your distributor also is committed to keeping frequently used parts in stock so you don’t have to keep them in inventory.

Hypercare offers additional distributor services such as fluid sampling and inspections. Each can help identify developing engine issues so they can be addressed before they lead to unscheduled downtime and unexpected repair costs.

Together, the data they generate supports the development of expert, engine-specific operation and maintenance plans. These personalised solutions can increase uptime by optimising service intervals based on actual usage and combining multiple activities more efficiently into a single scheduled event.

“In our industry, customers usually look for companies that provide maintenance contracts to cover the entire machine,” said Thiago Tenório, technical support coordinator at MD Power. “We can add value by supporting Hypercare customisations, offering Parts & Service or Service Only solutions according to each customer's demand.”

Perkins Hypercare is the framework that makes all of these benefits possible. It builds on the capabilities of the global network of Perkins authorised distributors and makes them accessible in a flexible, highly-customisable package to virtually anyone who depends on a Perkins engine. Hypercare makes sense for anyone from a small business to a multi-national enterprise, and it’s cost-effective enough to benefit them all.

For many engine builders, that would be much more than enough. But, not for Perkins.

More benefits, lower cost

Perkins has recently simplified the structure of both Perkins Platinum Protection and Perkins Hypercare. Both are now easier than ever to get and use, offering an even greater value to the Perkins user community.

And, they now cost less, too.

This is a very good time to talk to your Perkins authorised distributor about getting started on the path to worry-free ownership.


*Subject to terms and conditions. Refer to your local Perkins distributor for more details.


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