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Perkins Fluid Sampling

Perkins Fluid Sampling offers a critical look inside your engine, from the people who know engines. Supported by decades of engineering knowledge, the results can help you save money by fixing issues before failure and optimising operations to control costs.

Save time and money

Do you want to save hundreds, even thousands, in owning and operating costs by preventing unexpected failures and unplanned downtime? Using the latest technology to identify excessive wear or contaminated oil, coolant or diesel fuel, Perkins Fluid Sampling has been revealing 'unseen' issues for decades, predicting problems before they occur.

Avoid costly failures

Running to failure can double or triple your repair costs - or more. Following our recommendations, you can adjust or replace a single part, preventing a small problem from becoming a major repair.

Shorten repair time

By tracking what’s going on behind the scenes - like component wear and oil performance - you can predict problems and schedule accordingly to reduce unplanned downtime.

Improve productivity and profitability

Expert fluid analysis helps you manage overall equipment health, reducing owning and operating costs. You also get the most use out of replaceable components by knowing exactly when to change them and build a service history that can improve resale value when it’s time to upgrade.

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Mixed fleet? No problem.

Our team knows engines and components better than anyone, whether made by us or another manufacturer. We handle oil, coolant and fuel sampling for all kinds of equipment, including power generation, mining, marine, rental and other products. We’re your total solution for mixed fleets.

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