Perkins 400 Series – genuine parts, genuinely better

Your Perkins 400 Series engine will give you many years of superior performance – but it does need regular maintenance and service. Our service technicians are the best in the business, with unrivalled experience on Perkins engines, and they use Perkins genuine parts. That makes a difference. Genuinely.

We’re committed to keeping your engine in perfect running order – focusing on quality, reliability and low cost of ownership. And from installation to replacement, wherever you are in the world, you can rely on us for the best local product support solutions.

Value for money

Perkins genuine parts are priced to be as competitive as possible, without cutting any corners.  We don’t compromise on value for money, and we don’t compromise on quality. Regular price promotions across the whole range mean there are significant discounts on some of the most frequently used replacement parts. Check with your distributor. With over 24,000 individual Perkins genuine parts, we’ve got it covered.

Genuine parts, genuinely better
Genuine parts, genuinely better
Genuinely better built

Perkins servicing

Engineers at appointed Perkins partners have hundreds of hours of training and thousands of hours of engineering experience. They work on nothing but Perkins engines, and they have all the correct part-replacement tooling that will get the job done quickly. If they need specific expert help they can call on Perkins technical teams.

Only they have access to the specific tools and software to carry out servicing to the highest level – diagnosing the problem and fixing it quickly, saving you downtime and lost productivity. You’ll be able to trust the repair they carry out as if it were new.

Experience means they know everything there is to know about servicing a 400 Series engine – and that means they’ll get the job done more quickly and more reliably. They are the best in the business – and we base that view on 85 years of engineering experience.

Non-genuine parts

Perkins engines are built using Perkins parts. It sounds obvious, but it’s crucial for the efficient running and long life of your engine.

Non-genuine parts can compromise the 400 Series engine’s fine engineering balance. They may make it run inefficiently, compromise its noise and emissions standards, and shorten its life.

The 400 Series engine is a finely calibrated system of component parts, each one of which has undergone around 5,000 hours of testing. Each part has its own design standard and specification – so when you fit Perkins genuine parts, you know you’re replacing the best with the best.


400 Series

400 Series

Our 400 Series is a proven family of engines designed to give optimised performance and robust technology for the smaller, compact engine sector.

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