Trust in the genuine parts hologram

All genuine Perkins parts have a Perkins hologram on their packaging. It is your assurance that the parts you have bought have been manufactured by us to the specific technical requirements of your engine. Any part that does not have our hologram on the packaging is not genuine and, as such, will not carry the 12 month Perkins warranty that comes as standard with all replacement parts.

The distinct hologram found on the packaging of every Perkins part is your protection against the risks associated with counterfeit and non-genuine parts. The hologram has been developed to minimise the risk of unauthorised reproduction. It has been extensively tested and continues to be improved to ensure it is as tamper-proof as possible in the future, too.

Put simply, if your packaging does not have a Perkins hologram, it will not contain an authorised Perkins part.


Our holograms are genuine

Our holograms are genuine

The many dangers of non-genuine parts include:

  • The use of inferior materials by counterfeit manufacturers, leading to quicker part failure and less reliability.
  • Counterfeiters’ lack of access to our original specifications for the entire engine so the part bought will not necessarily manage the job a Perkins part would do.
  • A ‘one size fits all’ approach, so a single non-genuine part may be supplied to replace a number of parts that appear to be the same but which in practice are subtly different.
  • The risk of serious collateral damage to your engine – including total engine failure – if a non-genuine part is defective.
  • The absence of any form of guarantee or back-up with a non-genuine part. For obvious reasons, we can only support parts that we have made and supplied.
  • Fuelling crime because unauthorised reproduction of parts and attempting to pass them off as Perkins products is a criminal offence in most jurisdictions.

We support our global distributor network with the latest back-up, parts supply and technical assistance and our distributors can answer almost any question you may have about the parts we supply. This will include checking on its authenticity and even that of the hologram if necessary.