New 1100D gasket and seal kits ensure fast and affordable rebuilds

Perkins has extended its range of gasket and seal kits to include the 1100D range of engines. Kits for top gasket and seal and bottom gasket and seal are now available for both the 1104D and 1106D. This means end customers can benefit from the convenience of all parts being provided in one box, along with significant cost savings compared to buying individual components separately.


Customers looking to rebuild Perkins 1100D engines can now benefit from the one-box simplicity and improved value for money of new gasket and seal kits.

While Perkins has offered gasket kits for many years across its historical engines, the company has now expanded its range to cover the 1100D range – the 1104D and 1106D – which was launched in 2005.

The kits, which are aimed at customers, ensure technicians have all the parts they need to rebuild an engine without delay.

Customers can benefit from two kit options – a top gasket and seal kit for those working on the top half of an engine after removing the cylinder head; and a bottom gasket and seal kit for those who need to remove the timing case or sump to work on the bottom of an engine.

All kits are now in stock and can be ordered on a single part number from your local Perkins Distribution Centre. This makes the ordering process fast, simple and reliable.

Gasket and seal kits

The 1100D top gasket and seal kit includes: cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, valve stem seals, injector O rings and washers, induction gaskets, plus various O rings.

The 1100D bottom gasket and seal kit includes: sump gasket, sump adapter gasket, sump fixing kit, timing case gasket, front cover gasket, water pump gasket, oil cooler gaskets, plus various additional gaskets and O rings.

Front and rear end oil seals (FEOS and REOS) have also been added to bottom gasket kits to make sure customers’ needs are fully met.

Why do you need this kit?

Modern engine design has replaced many soft gaskets with metal gaskets, rubber seals and O rings. While many of these components look to be intact when an engine is disassembled, their crimped surfaces and surface coatings are actually designed for single use.

This means that despite appearance, all parts must be replaced during an engine rebuild. To help customers achieve this as quickly and conveniently as possible, the new kits contain all the components and hardware necessary to get your engine back to performing like new.

Another key advantage of the kits is their exceptional value for money. They offer significant savings compared to the cost of ordering all the individual components separately. So with convenience, low-cost and a simple ordering process all packed into one box, users can enjoy a better experience every time they rebuild an 1100D engine. 

The latest expansion of the range means more than 98 percent of 1104D and 1106D Perkins engines are now covered by gasket and seal kits.

For more information on what is required at every service, the Operation and Maintenance Manual with provide you with all you need. 

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