What are Variable and Fixed Speeds?

Perkins pours decades of expertise into developing world class variable speed and fixed speed engines. This know-how and heritage means that whatever the application you can rely on Perkins engineering to deliver the reliability and built-in quality you need, even in the harshest operating environments. Our engine technology is always evolving, both to keep pace with changes in emission standards globally and to provide ever greater in-service performance.

Capability in variable and fixed speed

Spanning the agricultural, construction, industrial and material handling sectors, our variable speed engines deliver powers up to 597 kW (800 hp) and are designed to meet the toughest challenges, from building entire cities to unloading the lorries and ships that keep our economies moving.

In the power generation sector we have worked with generator set manufacturers for more than 80 years to develop fixed speed engines that bring light, warmth, protection and peace of mind to thousands of people. With powers up to 2500 kVA available, whether you need an engine that runs 24/7 or once a year, you will find a Perkins solution to meet your requirements.


Fixed vs variable speed, what is the difference?
Difference between fixed and variable speed

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