Ready for EU Stage V

Ready for EU Stage V

Stage V emission standards may pose challenges for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), particularly those who use engines in the 19-560 kW range. The biggest impact of Stage V, when it’s introduced in 2019, will be the introduction of a particle number (PN) limit for engines in this power band. At Perkins, we’re well positioned to supply Stage V engines and also to help OEMs manage the transition from Stage IV to Stage V.

To meet the PN limit proposed in Stage V emission standards, we expect to see the widespread application of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) on off-highway equipment across the power range to which it applies. This is what happened in Switzerland, which already has a PN limit for diesel engines in the 19-560 kW power band used in construction equipment.

Based on Perkins experience of DPFs, we think the biggest challenge will come on smaller machines – those between 19 and 37 kW – many of which will be requiring common rail fuel systems and exhaust aftertreatment for the first time.

Some of these machines are extremely compact so packaging could be a challenge.

By working closely with OEMs, we have been successful in identifying solutions to aftertreatment packaging, so we are confident we can help OEMs overcome these challenges.

Product differentiation

We can help manufacturers differentiate their products in the market while ensuring that equipment remains easy to operate. Many Perkins products are ready for Stage V as proposed, and eight different models already in series production meet the proposed PN level. These are powering some of the latest equipment to be launched by OEMs, including excavators, wheeled loaders, telehandlers and forklifts.

We plan to introduce other non-emissions improvements – for example improved power density – that will positively impact the customer’s owning and operating costs before EU Stage V in 2019 and beyond.

Complex global picture

While Stage V is just about Europe, the global picture of emission standards is increasingly complex. For example, there are highly regulated regions such as Europe, US/Canada and Japan that are subject to Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and other regions such as China and India which are currently working to Stage IIIA/Tier 3 equivalents.

From 2022, there will likely be at least five different, distinct levels.

For OEMs to exploit global markets without excessive machine variety, they need to look at ‘tierable’ solutions for their machines. We at Perkins have considerable experience with our ‘world’ engine concept – namely a common core with the appropriate aftertreatment technology applied.

We are familiar with all the required technologies having successfully used them in production engines running in harsh field conditions.

Perkins, as a global full range engine supplier, is ready to provide OEMs with the inputs they need to be successful.

For some, Stage V is a challenge. For Perkins, it's just another opportunity to support you when you need it most. This means a Stage V engine for every application, and a partner ready to guide you through this transition. Read more...

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