Breaking through with Sullair

Breaking through with the Sullair 185 air compressor

As you probably know, new office buildings, rehabbed storefronts, winterized farms and important infrastructure repairs all share something in common: Compressed air was critical to their beginnings.

And just as the laws of physics dictate, in order to build something up, first it needs to be broken down. And since air compressors are needed on virtually every construction site, ones like the Perkins-powered Sullair 185 are a key piece of equipment for almost any rental fleet.

Initially designed to meet the need of running up to three air hammers simultaneously, Sullair air compressors are a popular choice for rental fleets because it’s easy to pick up and use. And the 185’s ability to operate multiple air tools makes it a beacon of versatility and a go-to machine, making it the star of just about any rental fleet because it can perform such an incredibly wide variety of jobs.

Powered by a Perkins® 404F-E22T engine, the Sullair 185 is all about reliability, durability and performance. The compressor houses a 27-gallon fuel tank for up to ten continuous hours of use, and the turbo-charged engine allows it to handle high altitudes. And renters are covered in virtually any temperature setting, with an extreme weather operation range of -20 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a compact, direct-drive design, the Sullair 185 is ultra-user-friendly, meaning it’s easier to use, easier to service, easier to operate and longer lasting than previous models. Most importantly, it means the 185 won’t intimidate renters. The control panels are designed to be simple to read, turning the machine on and off is particularly easy and the service air outlet is conveniently located curbside. With simple access to the engine air filter and oil dipstick, plus a consolidated fuse/relay box in a single location, ease of maintenance is paramount. And flimsy plastic canopies? Not here. These machines are built around a durable steel canopy to make sure they live long, high-performing lives.

And to cap it off, like all Perkins-powered machines, you’re in command. With the Perkins Rental Support Program, you can rely less on third-party mechanics while also gaining direct access to tooling, training, warranty claim submissions and more. Perkins already makes equipment easier for renters and now we’re helping make life easier for fleet owners, too.



Indiana, U.S.

Engine Specification
Perkins® 404F-E22T 

Portable air compressor



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