Allmand light towers keep job sites bright - 24/7

Perkins-powered Allmand light towers keep job sites bright and running 24/7

Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean life stops or outdoor work has to come to a halt. Light towers are a must-have for night-time work for applications ranging from remote oil/gas rigs and construction sites to concert venues and special-event parking lots. And these days, where “off-hours” are practically non-existent, a continuous, reliable light tower with on-demand illumination and minimum maintenance downtime is crucial.

Enter the Night-Lite™ Pro Series light tower line from Allmand. It utilizes today’s advanced light tower technology to put your work in the best light. The equipment combines four ultra-high-output Options Metal Halide and 350 W SMD LED lamps with a workhorse Perkins® 403F-11 engine to deliver industry leading light output, making it one of the brightest light towers in its class.

“We knew Perkins as a recognized global supplier with service and support capabilities just about everywhere,” said Dave Jones, Vice President of Sales. “And we recognized the value this added to our products. But even more important was the 1,000-hour maintenance interval offered by the 403F-11. This was a critical factor in our selection of Perkins. For a light tower, the fewer touch points and the fewer requirements to service the engine, the better.”

Light towers are typically run for extended periods, so the whopping 1,000-hour maintenance interval on the Perkins-powered Allmand series will lead to fewer service disruptions during ongoing projects. And not being suddenly plunged into darkness is always a good thing – right alongside decreased downtime and a healthier bottom line for the project.

Jones is quick to note one other major benefit of choosing the 403F-11 to power the Night-Lite™ Pro Series light tower lines: “One of the significant values our lights offer contractors is their resale value; it’s industry-leading, and it has been a real competitive advantage for us.”So it’s the light that truly keeps on shining.

The four SHO-HD lamp fixtures in the Night-Lite™ Pro Series light towers provide an 135,500 lumens per lamp. The towers’ Perkins engines also support up to 50 hours of continuous operation. A wide range of available options includes an eco-friendly fluid containment package to prevent spills and two different arctic packages (complete with heavy-duty battery, block heater, arctic hydraulic fluid, heated fuel/water separator and radiator cover). Not to mention an automatic light-sensing on/off system, air intake and low-fuel shut-offs and Allmand’s Balloon Light AirStar Flex diffused lighting system.

A sequenced light system provides operators with an extra layer of control on both the lights and the engine shutdown process. The tower’s Perkins® 403F-11 engine is also designed to minimize operating noise levels, with particular attention to subjective harshness to minimize perceived sound quality. It’s approved for operation on biodiesel concentrations up to 20 percent and is covered by a standard two-year warranty. And along with that warranty comes access to the comprehensive Perkins distributor network, which means that service and support is always just a few clicks away – which is yet another bright spot.

Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power

The Texas First rental fleet includes Perkins-powered products from major OEMs including Genie®, Sullair®, Allmand® and many other top-tier manufacturers. There are numerous Perkins powered units in the fleet, Taylor says, including light towers, compressors, trenchers, aerial work platforms, welders, pumps, and generators.

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Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power Texas First Rentals™ prefers Perkins power

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