A new field welder on the rental frontier

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Working onsite out in the field, contractors face strict deadlines and tightened profit margins on top of harsh conditions. Dependable equipment that can be easily transported to and from the job can make all the difference. The Perkins-powered, multi-process Lincoln Electric Frontier 400X welder/generator offers renters a solution for field welding applications.

The Frontier 400X is the latest addition to Lincoln Electric’s iconic portfolio of engine driven welders, which have been a leader in the industry since the company’s first arc welder hit the field back in 1912. Since then, Lincoln Electric has continued to be on the forefront of innovation, introducing products like the Frontier 400X that include the latest next-gen technology for engine driven welders.

Lincoln Electric Frontier welder
Lincoln Electric Frontier welder

Venturing into a new frontier 

The Frontier 400X offers peak performance for field applications, even when weather conditions are less than satisfactory. Developed to withstand various harsh conditions, this welder has been tested for use in a wide range of temperatures as well as high and low humidity, rain and snow. 

The Frontier 400X features a state-of-the-art, industrial-grade user interface (UI) system that allows operators to easily set up the machine, including access to arc controls, productivity metrics and maintenance reminders, all while gloved. Beneficial for both rental companies and rental customers is the Frontier 400X’s authorised use capability which enables PIN-only access that locks out unauthorised individuals. This prevents other contractors from putting extra hours on the machine and burning through fuel. 

Premium arc control

The Frontier 400X’s welding quality, productivity and safety are amplified through CrossLinc®, Lincoln Electric’s patented operator control technology. Rather than running numerous cables and wires across the jobsite, all power and communication is transmitted through a single standard weld cable for greater arc control at the source. 

Having fewer cables and wires offers a much safer, tidier workplace. It also helps operators to set up quickly and control full arc output with accurate compensation for voltage drop, all while eliminating unnecessary steps back to the power source.

Packing Perkins® power 

The Perkins® 403F-15T is three-cylinder turbocharged diesel-driven engine. With 24.7 horsepower, the power-dense 403F-15T brings the welding and auxiliary power that operators require while minimising noise.

Powered by the reliable, durable and versatile Perkins 403F-15T engine, the welder offers a 60 percent duty cycle rating at 400 amps at 26 volts and a 100 percent duty cycle rating at 325 amps at 33 volts. That results in reliable output that can handle a variety of welding applications and processes around the jobsite.

Lincoln Electric heard their customers loud and clear when choosing the engine for their new machine. “Perkins is known for reliable products, and our customers have specifically asked for Perkins products in our machines,” said Nicholas Winarski, product manager of industrial engine drives for Lincoln Electric. 

Tracking machine health and productivity 

Across all industries, rental machines see heavy use day in and day out. To maximise productivity and uptime, the Frontier 400X welder offers maintenance reminders and productivity metrics. From tracking arc and auxiliary hours to reviewing air, oil and gas filter status, operators have a full view of component condition and unit optimisation. 

Tied into these features is an Auto-Stop/Start function that turns the welder off after it stands idle for a period of time. The days of burning through fuel and components unnecessarily are over. Operators can even view how long the machine was on standby or shut off to calculate the associated fuel savings.

A sure thing with the Perkins® Rental Support Program

With rental units put hard to work each and every day for extended periods of time, it’s always important to review the system’s maintenance notifications and metrics. When preventative maintenance calls, the Perkins Rental Support Program is there to answer. With direct access to tooling, training, online parts ordering and more, Perkins takes care of your engine's needs.