Keeping your rental equipment out earning revenue

Keeping your rental equipment out earning revenue

Uptime is everything in the equipment rental market, and at Perkins we place strong emphasis on helping rental companies keep their machines on rent. Our Perkins Rental Support Programme is designed to give rental companies the ability to perform repairs with direct factory support.

Minimising downtime is important for all users of Perkins engines, but especially for rental companies. Downtime is lost revenue.

In the event of an engine problem, if we can help rental companies help themselves in a timely fashion, everyone wins. The Perkins Rental Support Programme (PRSP) enables us to do just that.

Tooling and training

Under PRSP, Perkins can provide rental companies with tooling and training geared to getting a machine up and running as fast as possible. This support includes the electronic service tools for trouble-shooting and repairing the electronic components of an engine.

Such an ability will become increasingly important for the rental sector as companies upgrade their fleets to comply with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final standards.

With Perkins support, training and tooling, PRSP could turn a two-week process – diagnosis, ordering parts, fitting – into a next-day process for the rental company, even if a part has to be ordered. Our connections with our distribution network and factory can help get parts to end users quickly. Working directly with the factory is a good way to help resolve an issue in the shortest time.

Warranty claims direct

Equally important, the PRSP allows rental companies to deal directly with Perkins Network under the terms of their engine warranty. This is more important today than it was even 2-3 years ago because of emission aftertreatment and developments in electronic control to increase the fuel efficiency, performance and reliability of engines, which make them more complicated.

Maintenance is one of the biggest expenses for rental companies outside the cost of the machine. Some of that cost can be offset through warranty. Given the increasing complexity of engines, it makes sense for the rental company to submit warranty claims directly to Perkins – and this is what PRSP enables them to do.

PRSP gives Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and rental companies a strong reason to specify Perkins engines in their machines. We have a rental product support manager solely focused on the sector. By forming relationships directly with rental companies, we are supporting our OEMs’ customers in the best way possible – by helping keep their machines working.


Exclusive: Tier 4 Final eBook

Exclusive: Tier 4 Final eBook

Tier 4 Final emission standards are here to stay. But what exactly does this mean for the rental market? Download our exclusive ebook now.


Perkins rental support program

Perkins rental support program

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