Support for marine applications

Support for marine applications

Perkins marine engines provide the propulsion and auxiliary power for a wide range of vessels. For such needs, safety is essential and the reliability of our engines means there is no need to compromise. Extended service intervals mean that a commercial vessel is operating, and earning, for longer, increasing a business’s profitability. It’s no wonder that skippers worldwide choose Perkins marine engines.

We provide a wide range of engines whatever the need on water.

Our products cover:

  • Cruise ships
  • Ferries
  • General cargo vessels
  • Pleasure craft
  • Inland waterway boats
  • Offshore vessels
  • Tugs and salvage craft
  • Dredgers
  • Fishing boats
Our marine engines cater for the needs of every vessel
Our marine engines cater for the needs of every vessel

Reliability is vital in all these applications. Safety at sea starts with an engine that won’t let you down. And if the application is commercial, the time spent out on the water engaged in the business is what affects profitability. For engines used to generate electric power, safety is also enhanced by an engine that will keep the lights on or keep operating pumps whenever you need the power.

We provide engines for pleasure craft – often with light use of propulsion engines and a greater need for an electricity generation engine.

For commercial vessels, our engines give the heavy duty performance that keeps marine businesses operating for optimum time. They give reliable power whenever needed and service intervals that mean the vessel is operating, and earning, for longer, rather than spending large amounts of time out of action for maintenance.

Our auxiliary engines provide electric power generation for everything from small pleasure craft lighting to large fishing vessels and their electrically driven haul net systems.

Perkins marine engines are the preferred choice of powerboat owners and yachting enthusiasts, pilot boat skippers, workboat operators and fishermen around the world.

Whatever your marine engine needs, we have a model that’s right for you.

Whether its propulsion on pleasure craft and small commercial vessels or on-board electric power generation, there’s a Perkins engine that’s right for your needs.
Jonathan Wellstead, marine sales manager

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Our marine engines provide the power you need for:

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Customer case studies

Perkins Marine prides itself on forming close personal relationships and in providing long term, long standing solutions for its global customer base. The case studies below show the trusted reliability and global support you can expect to receive when purchasing a Perkins marine engine.

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