The benefits of an Industrial Open Power Unit

A finished product ready to go straight into your application – that’s what you get with a Perkins Industrial Open Power Unit (IOPU). There’s no need to worry about radiators and cooling packs – the work is done up front for you. An IOPU engine is available in all our industrial engines from 400 Series upward.

Do you want an engine with a high level of components already installed? If your need is for an engine to go into stationary equipment, such as crushers and screeners, pumps, or mobile applications, you may well not want the job of providing radiators and exhaust elements.

With your effort concentrated on developing a profitable application, you ought not to be worrying about engine components. It gets complicated, too. There would be the design time and cost as well as requiring business processes to manage suppliers and parts inventories.


You get a finished unit

We can do all that for you. Our IOPUs are variable speed engines that include cooling and air filtration systems, mounting feet, fan guarding to EU standards, fuel filtration system, sensors and, where appropriate, electrical connectors. Control panels and wiring looms are available on some models.

We do all the work for you. What you get is a finished unit ready for you to put into your application.

All our industrial engines from 400 through to the 1200 Series come as IOPUs.

If you need a finished power unit, without the worry about sourcing all the ancillary components then the Perkins IOPUs are just what you are looking for.

Let us do the work for you so you have a finished product that's right for your needs. Our Industrial Open Power Units are ready for your application.
Mike Cullen, product marketing specialist

Fast facts

With our IOPU engines you get:

  • Ancillary components built in
  • Engines ready to go into your application
  • Packaging suitable for deep water container transport