The power of gas engine conversions

With the future of gas-powered engines looking bright, we are developing a range of small to medium-sized gas engines. We are working with Kemper en Van Twist (KVT), one of our distributors based in Netherlands, to convert our 400 Series, 1104 range and our 1106 range of diesel engines to gas and promote their use.

The new engines will demonstrate the benefits of using gas for power generation and combined heat and power schemes.

Our 4000 Series gas engines provide you with 300-1000 kW of power output. They are considered 'large engines'. But we know that the future of gas as a fuel to generate electricity and power combined heat and power units is good.

The tightening of emissions standards across the world and the volatility of oil price and availability means that gas is a fuel to watch. It is cleaner and, in many cases, domestically produced fuel.

One of our new small-to medium-sized gas engines.

There is great potential for using gas to power small-to medium-sized engines. By gasifying our smaller diesel engines we can prove to customers the benefits of using gas power.
Gary Jones, general sales manager

The combustion of gas is quieter than diesel fuelled engines so our gas variants give reduced noise of operation.

With the emergence of shale gas and fracking, availability of low-cost gas as a fuel will drive increased use of small and medium-sized gas engines.

We are working with Kemper en Van Twist (KVT), one of our distributors based in Holland, to develop and sell small and medium-sized gas engines. These are derived from our diesel models, converted to use gas as a fuel.

We want our customers to consider the option of a small to medium-sized gas engine but we know that they want references to show just how good the engines are. By converting our diesel engines to run on gas we can give our customers the proof they need.

KVT is taking our 400 Series, 1104 range and 1106 range and gasifying the engines. These gas engines will be sold through our distribution network and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) globally.

The engines are fixed speed, ideal for the power generation market. They give 10-90 kW output.


Fast facts

Our small- to medium-sized gas engines give you:

  • Reliable power from proven diesel technology
  • Wide choice of gas sources
  • Quiet combustion that reduces noise
  • Easy low-cost maintenance

Kemper Van Twist

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