Tailored solutions in gas engines


Tailored solutions in gas engines

Our gas engines bring benefits that could make them the ideal choice for your application. They are durable, reliable, serviceable and easy to maintain. Our engines have a big advantage over competitor products – they come with a very competitive initial purchase price and give you low lifetime cost of ownership.

A dedicated Perkins gas team is available to give customers and OEMs tailored engine and product support solutions for our 4000 Series gas engines. Teams are in place across our territories to offer specialist assistance and support.

Free gas

Our gas engines employ relatively simple technology. That means you can use a variety of different gases, and the engines can be customised to suit the gas you have available. 

Our 4000 Series uses gas that in many cases is free – from landfill sites and bio-digesters, for example. Using the gases from these sources is more environmentally-friendly than using diesel. If the gases weren’t used to power engines, they would simply be flared off into the atmosphere.

Reducing costs

Our 4000 Series is used in hotels, hospitals and manufacturing operations to generate electricity – both prime and standby. 

The Cogen spec is used in combined heat and power (CHP) applications, reducing the costs of business and, in many cases, providing a source of revenue when surplus electricity is sold to the grid.

Greenhouse operations are using our 4000 Series gas engines to great effect, passing the exhaust gases – rich in carbon dioxide – to their greenhouses to feed the plants. The engines are also used to power refrigeration units.

Our Tri-generation spec is used in air conditioning units and for cooling applications,  

Direct contact

Your direct line of contact for support and service on our 4000 Series gas engines our sales and applications team. 

Whatever your requirements, Perkins can provide the solution.

Gas Distributors

Our 4000 Series Gas Distributors give you:

  • Product and service support for your 4000 Series gas engine
  • Help in customising your engine
  • Advice on the applicability of the gas you have available


Our gas partners

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