Perkins collaboration lets EPS wash and go!

Perkins collaboration lets EPS wash and go!

Euro Pool System (EPS) is Europe’s largest logistical service provider for returnable and reusable packaging. The company effectively rents out trays and containers to growers, producers and major food retailers for the transport of meat, fruit and vegetables. Once the consignment has been delivered the trays and containers are returned to one of the company’s collection points, where they are prepared for re-use.

Perkins collaboration lets EPS wash and go!

Each collection point is equipped with washing facilities where the trays are sorted and cleaned in readiness for despatch to the next client. Cleanliness of the trays is of the utmost importance – the washing process meets the strictest standards with the detergent, water temperature and rinse water being constantly monitored. 

As the business has grown the number of trays in circulation has increased – around 130 million units currently. In a bid to lower the energy costs involved in heating the water and running the automated washing equipment EPS turned to cogeneration (CHP), installing its first CHP unit in 2011 at its site in St. Katelijne Waver, Belgium. 

A Perkins 4006-23TRS1 powers the cogeneration unit at Euro Pool System which provides returnable and reusable packaging.

Running on natural gas, the CHP unit provides the electricity to power the washers and heats the water to clean the trays – 16,000 of them every hour.

Perkins Gas Partner, E Van Wingen (EVW), installed and commissioned the cogeneration unit, using a Perkins 4008-30TRS2 to supply 500 kWe.

Such was the success of the project that EVW was approached for EPS’s latest facility in Bornheim, Germany.

Utilising a Perkins 4006-23TRS1, EVW has built and installed a CHP plant capable of producing 310kWe and with a thermal output of 412 kWth. In addition EVW has increased the utility of the plant – it also doubles as a standby generator set for the facility. 

Though Germany is outside of EVW’s normal service territory, the project was made feasible by working in conjunction with BU Power Systems, Perkins appointed distributor in Germany, who are perfectly positioned to provide ongoing service and maintenance.

The decision by EPS to select EVW for this project was built on EVW’s enviable reputation and from EPS’ past experience with the business dating back more than ten years. EPS is a partner in the REO Auction in Roulers, where in 1999; EVW installed a CHP power unit, which at the time was still a new concept.

“Van Wingen has proven itself to be a reliable partner in realizing cogenerator projects,” said Ron Eeuwijk, manager E&D, Euro Pool System International B.V. “The installations are built to a high standard and have a reliable operation. In the very few cases a breakdown occurs response is swift and adequate.”


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