Mont St Guibert - Waste not, want not

Mont St Guibert - Waste not, want not

Mont St Guibert, Belgium, is one of Europe’s biggest waste-to-energy installations. Biogas produced from the landfill site is used to power over 20,000 homes in the Brabant Wallon region.

In 1996 site owners, waste group Shanks Brabant, commisioned Perkins Gas Partner E Van Wingen (EVW) to build, install and maintain the generating plant. Since then additional generation capacity has been added.


In the intial stages EVW installed six 4016-61 TESI engines. These were supplemented in 2002 and 2003 respectively with a further engine and then an additional six. This provided 9.5 Mwe of generating capacity, fuelled by 2750 Nm³/h of landfill gas, derived from the annual 500,000 tonnes of domestic waste delivered to site.


To date the Perkins-powered generator sets have produced over 750,000 MWh of ‘green’ power; run for more than 1.2 million hours and have demonstrated an availability of over 98 percent.

Perkins Gas Partner

E Van Wingen is a specialist manufacturer of power solutions using Perkins diesel and gas engines. It has installations throughout Belgium including a number of CHP projects and has a growing presence in Germany.

Customer feedback

“From 1996 Shanks has been able to rely on the quality of product and service provided by EVW and Perkins. We have been able to take advantage of product developments and the introduction of the 4016-61 TRS gas engine,” says Laurent Dauge, general manager of Shanks Brabant.


Fast facts


  • Customer: Shanks Group
  • Location: Belgium
  • Specification: 13 x 4016-61 TESI
  • Purpose of application: Waste-to-energy; producing grid-exported electricity from landfill gases

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