Digester biogas plant powered by Perkins

Digester biogas plant powered by Perkins

The Perkins 4008-30TRS2 engine has been chosen to convert biogas into electric energy, which is then fed into the electric grid in accordance with the German renewable energy law. The thermal energy is made available to a local vehicle paint workshop.

The engine, combined with an exhaust gas catalyst is capable of achieving the formaldehyde emissions of less than 40 mg / Nm³, when a bonus is paid to the operator.


Provide 500 kWe baseload through a 4008-30TRS2 Engine to provide dependable and efficient power.


BU Power Systems, a Perkins Gas Centre of Excellence, worked with the OEM to supply a gas solution that met both the customer’s requirements and timeframe.

BU Power Systems support

The engine has run for approximately 8550 hours per year since the middle of 2011. The operator is carrying out preventive maintenance operations in accordance with the Perkins schedule. BU Power Systems (responsible for corrective operations) and the operator as well are very satisfied with the performance of the engine.

Customer feedback

“With the installed lambda control system the engine is very robust against gas quality variations. The starting behavior as well as the operation at full load is very good compared to other engine manufacturers and fuel metering systems” says owner Joern Frahm. “Also the maintenance interval schedule and costs are absolutely acceptable and the engine side doors and single cylinder heads make the accessibility of engine components outstanding.” 


Fast facts


  • Customer: Biogas Wrohm
  • Location: Wrohm, Germany
  • Specification: 1 x 4008TRS2
  • Purpose of application: Digester biogas plant

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