Perkins engines continually chosen by the electric power market

Perkins works with customers from the largest of global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to the smallest developer of electric power (EP) solutions. Our customers choose us because of our wide range of products and excellent customer support. With EP engines delivering 5-2500 kVA, our engines support both prime and standby electric power requirements. We always focus on providing the most power from the smallest package with the quietest noise. Our engines give the benefits of low fuel consumption and can operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

Perkins works with customers in the electric power sector from the largest of global OEMs to the smallest of enterprises developing electric power solutions on a bespoke basis.

Customers continually choose Perkins because of our large range of products offered globally and because of our excellent customer support. Whether dealing with a global OEM or an individual developer, our network of distributors ensures that our customers get the best out of their engine, ensuring the reliability needed for EP generation solutions.

Perkins has engines that keep the power running.

Extensive range

Perkins substantial range of EP products meets the needs of OEMs, with engines delivering from 5-2500 kVA. And we have products for both 50 and 60 Hz electrical frequencies.

Our products support both prime and standby power generation markets. The standby market, in particular, needs the quality and reliability that Perkins engines provide. If the grid supply goes down, you need the assurance that your back up power supply will kick in faultlessly. That’s what you get from Perkins products.

An engine for you

And customers can be assured that we have an engine to meet their local environmental needs, with engines that meet all the world’s emission standards.

Whatever your electric power needs, we have an engine for you.

Perkins is always focused on delivering the most power from the smallest package with the quietest noise. That’s why our EP engines are particularly suitable for urban power generation requirements, where space is at a premium.

Our products give you the benefits of low fuel consumption and great ambient temperature capability, with engines that can operate in both hot deserts and frozen wastelands.

We don't just supply engines: we work with customers to make sure they get the best possible engine to meet their individual needs.
Simon Gray, EP marketing manager

Fast facts

We support the EP market with engines that:

  • Deliver 5-2500 kVA
  • Meet all the world’s emission standards
  • Bring the benefits of low fuel consumption
  • Can be operated across a wide range of ambient temperatures

Electric power generation

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