Tide Power: Powering higher education in Ethiopia

Perkins reputation for reliability helped seal a contract for generator sets between a group of Ethiopian universities and Chinese manufacturer Tide Power Technology. The institutions opted for the Perkins-powered units to provide them with a guaranteed continuous power supply even when the local grid goes down. 

Many businesses in Ethiopia use diesel generators to augment the local power grid and ensure an uninterrupted power supply when the grid is under pressure. Among them are the country’s universities – an expanding network of higher education.

When a group of universities recognised that a guaranteed continuous power supply for their students, faculty and researchers would be a competitive advantage, they turned for support to Tide Power Technology, a leading Chinese generator set manufacturer active in the African market.

Tide Power’s solution was to install 12 Perkins-powered generator sets to guarantee the institutions uninterrupted power.

A generator set manufacturer based in Fuzhou in China’s Fujian province, Tide Power Technology has more than 10 years of close collaboration with Perkins and our distributor Elco Power. This close relationship with Perkins was a key factor in the universities’ decision.

Tide Power: Powering higher education in Ethiopia
Tide Power: Powering higher education in Ethiopia

Perkins engines are widely used in Africa and recognised for their reliability and expert technical support, global aftermarket network and ready availability of genuine parts.

The generator sets were built and installed to meet the individual applications and demand of the different universities. Six of the units are powered by Perkins® 2806A-E18TAG2 engines; five by 2806C-E18TAG1A engines and one by a 4008TAG2A.

The OEM ensured its installed units were designed to synchronise with the local power grids so the power supply would not be interrupted should demand on the grid become too heavy.

A Tide Power spokesman said the OEM has built its reputation over more than 10 years on meeting clients’ requirements. “Together with Perkins engines, we have no doubt that this synergy will keep us moving forward.”