Perkins helps Lindner hit new heights with Lintrac 110

Perkins helps Lindner hit new heights with Lintrac 110

Lindner’s innovative and user-friendly Lintrac 110 tractor is the latest success story from more than half a century of collaboration with Perkins.

Respected Austrian manufacturer Lindner recently launched its latest technology-packed tractor, the Lintrac 110. As a long-standing and trusted supplier, Perkins once again provides the high-performing, dependable power solution for this exciting new machine.

Lindner is widely recognised for building high-quality agricultural applications that are packed with innovation. Its vehicles are famous for their cross-country mobility, compact and sturdy construction, and high-grade components. With an 83 kW (113 hp) Perkins® 854E-E34TA engine installed up front, the Lintrac 110 has a prestige engine to match its prestige brand.

Impressive features on the Lintrac 110 include continuously variable transmission (CVT), which reduces stress for drivers by allowing them to move off or stop on a slope without using the clutch or brakes, and four-wheel steering, which makes manoeuvring the tractor easier than ever.

The CVT on the 110 comes in the form of a continuously variable ZF-built TMT11 gearbox. This includes features such as power shift reverse, stationary control and continuous acceleration from standstill. Forward driving speeds between 0 to 40 km/hr and 0 to 20 km/hr for reversing are possible from the tractor’s two working modes and drive-range switching.

High-performance hydraulics, a large rear axle and cab designed to offer more space and improved visibility, all make the new 110 a tractor that’s turning farmers’ heads.

Power and economy

Of course, a tractor can only be as effective and dependable in the field as the engine that’s under its hood. The Lintrac 110 gets that proven power from the Perkins 854E-E34TA.

Part of the powerful and flexible Perkins® 850 Series, the 3.4 litre 4 cylinder 854E-E34TA delivers 113 hp and 450 Nm of torque. Users get class-leading power density, excellent fuel economy and dependable performance.

The engine is a turbocharged, air-to-air chargecooled unit, fitted with common rail fuel injection and the very latest diesel particulate filter. All of this makes it incredibly economical to run, while meeting stringent emission standards.

With a proven, dependable engine at its core, combined with Lindner’s pioneering new technology, the Lintrac 110 is the ideal workhorse for a range of agricultural jobs, including mountain farming and grassland work, as well as forestry and urban applications.

Long-standing partners

This exceptional tractor is the latest success story from more than 50 years of collaboration between Perkins and Lindner. Our close and trusted relationship has overseen the development of the popular Geotrac and Lintrac models, powered by Perkins® 400, 850, 1100 and 1200 Series engines.

Once again, we worked in close collaboration with the business to ensure our latest power solution met Lindner’s – and its customers’ – criteria for good fuel consumption, high productivity and the ability to work in the demanding Alpine environment.

Since our companies first joined forces, Lindner has built more than 55,000 tractors and transporters with Perkins engines. With the success of our latest collaboration on the impressive Lintrac 110, it’s expected the company will manufacture many more. 


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