HOLMER makes life sweeter for beet farmers

HOLMER makes life sweeter for beet farmers

With its innovative new RRL 200 eco, German agricultural engineer HOLMER is aiming to make loading and cleaning sugar beet easier and more affordable than ever. 

With global sugar markets remaining challenging, sugar beet farmers are looking for every opportunity to improve their productivity and reduce their input costs.

One machine that supports farmers’ needs to grow a more competitive crop is German manufacturer HOLMER’s RRL 200 eco. The company believes the machine – a trailed sugar beet cleaner and loader – is ‘the easiest and most cost-efficient solution for cleaning and loading sugar beets’.

The HOLMER RRL 200 eco is powered by a 75 kW (101 hp) Perkins® 854F‑E34TA diesel engine, which meets EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. The engine provides a high transfer capacity at a low engine speed of just 1200 rpm, which makes for efficient operation at the lowest fuel consumption.

The machine is designed to meet all the common logistical challenges faced by farmers loading beet. Its compact design means it can be used in tight spaces. It also has a flexible loading arm that can rotate through 125 degrees and has a reach of 9.5 metres. This allows it to bridge large distances, ditches and embankments.

Cost-effective loading

The RRL 200 eco can be attached to a wheel loader, excavator or tractor with front loader. The loading vehicle can then feed the RRL with sugar beet at a capacity of approximately 200 tonnes per hour, making the loading of beets cost-effective and simple.

Cleaning is done by a roller cleaner system and the long transport path also helps to gently separate the beets from any dirt and debris. So when removal trucks come to load your crop, they’ll only collect what really should be transported to the sugar factory – sugar beets.

The RRL 200 eco brings benefits for the operator, too. All operations can be comfortably, safely and simply operated by radio remote control without leaving the cab, which keeps the operator safe. The running speeds of all components in the cleaning section are continuously and independently adjustable by the remote control. So you’ll get an excellent cleaning result alongside maximum safety.

Powered by Perkins

The front-mounted position of the RRL 200 eco’s Perkins engine is designed to cleverly counterbalance the transfer arm, giving the machine optimum weight distribution. This gives great stability and makes it easier and safer to drive on the road at speeds of up to 25 mph (40 kmh). The Perkins 854F‑E34TA is reliable, fuel efficient and built for durability, giving you increased power over engines of a similar size.

Overall, the HOLMER RRL 200 eco offers sugar beet farmers a convenient, safe and cost-effective way to streamline every harvest.

“We chose Perkins, because it is one of the few manufacturers to offer a power pack – with an engine including cooling system, exhaust technique including AdBlue® and the respective control system – ready for installation,” said Dr.-Ing. Michael Gallmeier, head of research and development at HOLMER. “This convenient all-in-one package is, for HOLMER, the best solution. Bringing it into service was uncomplicated; the Perkins team did a great job.”


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