Hattat drives forward with Perkins onboard

Hattat drives forward with Perkins onboard

Prominent Turkish tractor firm Hattat has launched two new tractors – the 255T and EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPCA Tier 4 Interim version of the 3080. With expertly-engineered Perkins engines installed, the machines bring reliable performance and affordable running costs to a new generation of customer.

In a highly-competitive Turkish tractor market, Hattat Tractor is further strengthening its product range with the launch of two new models powered by Perkins engines.

Hattat has become a well-known powerhouse in farm machinery, both in Turkey and globally, and now exports its machines across five continents. In its latest range extension, the company has launched the brand-new 255T and EU Stage IIIB/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim version of its powerful and popular 3080. Each machine has a compact and powerful Perkins engine installed.

New territory with the 255T

Hattat has high hopes for the 255T, which meets a growing demand for machines with a power rating of between 50-60 hp. This power bracket is a popular one for smaller-scale farmers who are looking for reliable performance at an affordable price.

The Perkins engine installed in the 255T was specially tailored by our engineers to meet Hattat’s specific need for a three cylinder engine with a rating of 59 hp. With great performance, low operating costs and an ultra-compact package, the engine meets the needs of Hattat’s customers, helping them run their operations in a productive and profitable way.

Perkins engineers collaborated closely with Hattat’s team to achieve the power output both they and their customers required. The 255T also meets EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions standards.

In the same compact tractor range, Hattat has introduced a four-wheel drive version of its much loved 240, which was previously only available as a two-wheel-drive model. Again, the engine gives farmers more control and flexibility, along with the peace of mind that comes with having a Perkins engine installed.

EU Stage IIIB-ready 3080

Hattat is targeting a new family of customers with its Stage IIIB version of the 3080 tractor, which delivers exceptional performance from its Perkins four cylinder engine. Aimed at markets in Europe and Japan, the tractor will also be marketed under the company’s sister brand Valtra, depending on the territory the machine is sold into.

The four cylinder Perkins engine that drives the 3080 is available with power outputs ranging from 45-83 kW. Hattat plans to capitalise on this flexibility by installing the engine across its 3055, 3065, 3080, 4090, 4100 and 4110 models.

Hattat feels confident that its latest range extension, powered with tried and trusted Perkins engines, can further cement its position as a leading manufacturer both in Europe – and across the globe. 


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