2806J-E18TTA Industrial Diesel Engine

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The ability to power your machine line-up with one engine supplier is truly achieveable with Perkins. We have introduced a platform of 9-18 litre industrial engines that completes our market-leading industrial power range and covers 8.2-597 kW (11-800 hp).


18.1 litre

563-597 kW (755-800 hp)

Serial twin turbocharged, air to air chargecooled, EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final

Power Rating

Minimum Power 755.0 HP 563.0 kW Less
Maximum Power 800.0 HP 597.0 kW Less
Maximum Torque 2699.0 lb-ft @ 1400 rpm 3710.0 Nm @ 1300 rpm Less
Rated Speed 1800 rpm 1800 rpm Less

Emission Standards

Emissions EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Less


Bore 5.7 in 145.0 mm Less
Stroke 7.2 in 183.0 mm Less
Displacement 1104.5 in³ 18.1 l Less
Aspiration Series turbocharged aftercooled Series turbocharged aftercooled Less
Rotation from Flywheel End Anti-clockwise Anti-clockwise Less
Combustion System Direct injection Direct injection Less
Number of Cylinders 6 inline 6 inline Less

Engine Dimensions*

Dry Weight 3399.5 lb 1542.0 kg Less
Height 52.61 in 1333.6 mm Less
Length 60.81 in 1544.6 mm Less
Width 44.91 in 1140.8 mm Less

Tailored for your machines

Fully configurable engine with exceptional power density, numerous options and a compact, simplified aftertreatment to minimise total package size and enable commonisation across a wide range of application.
Aftertreatment installation flexibility to meet all applications - including remote mount and engine-mounted.
Low heat rejection levels allow for optimised cooling package at equivalent power.

Lifetime of low cost

Fuel consumption optimised to match operating cycles of a wide range of equipment and applications.

Fuel and oil

Stage V and Tier 4 Final engines require Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel containing a maximum of 15 ppm sulfur, and new oil formulations to support the new technology. Biofuel up to B20 is supported.