4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine

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The Perkins 4000 Series gas engines give you the versatility you need for today's power generation market. They deliver the same high efficiency performance as their diesel counterparts and meet increasingly stringent emissions standards. They can run on landfill gas, digester gas, biogas and coal-bed mine gas and, with exceptional power-to-weight ratios and compact design, they are easy to transport and install.


16 cylinder

61.12 litres

912 kWm (1239 hp) / 1042 kWm (1416 hp)

Capable of meeting the NOx requirements of TA Luft

Power Rating

Mechanical Output 912-1042 kWm 912-1042 kWm Less
Electrical Output 875-1000 kWe 875-1000 kWe Less
Rated Speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm Less

Emission Standards

Emissions This engine does not comply to Harmonised International Regulated Emissions Limits This engine does not comply to Harmonised International Regulated Emissions Limits Less


Bore 6.3 in 160.0 mm Less
Stroke 7.5 in 190.0 mm Less
Displacement 3730.0 in³ 61.1 l Less
Aspiration Turbocharged and air-to-water charge cooled Turbocharged and air-to-water charge cooled Less
Rotation from Flywheel End Anti-clockwise Anti-clockwise Less
Number of Cylinders 16 vee 16 vee Less
Compression Ratio 12:1 12:1 Less
Combustion System Spark ignited Spark ignited Less
Cooling System Liquid Liquid Less

Engine Dimensions*

Dry Weight 12831.0 lb 5820.0 kg Less
Height 77.5 in 1969.0 mm Less
Width 68.4 in 1737.0 mm Less
Length 125.7 in 3192.0 mm Less


Note 1 Final weight and dimensions will depend on completed specification Final weight and dimensions will depend on completed specification Less

Optional equipment

Options for your 4000 Series gas engines include:

•    AFR controller (depending on gas quality, variability)

•    220/240 volt thermostatically controlled immersion heater

•    Three-way thermostatic valve for charge cooler cooling circuit

•    Mechanically driven water pump for charge cooler circuit

•    Exhaust temperature monitoring

Understanding your need

Our commitment to excellence goes far beyond the engine itself. Through our 4000 Series Gas Centres of Excellence, we build strong and trusted relationships with you. Not only do our Centres of Excellence distributors keep your engine running in peak condition, they also have an in-depth knowledge of power generation in your market.

They understand your environment, your local emissions standards and the reliability of your grid. And they know what works for your specific circumstances.

Wide range of methane-based gases

Gas engines in the series are up to 61.12 litres, with both inline and vee form designs and from 6-16 cylinders.

Engines can be fuelled by a wide range of methane-based gases, including landfill gas, digester gas, biogas and coal bed mine gas.

4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine Standard Equipment

Air inlet system
  • Dry cast iron exhaust manifolds with heat shields
  • Exhaust gas driven turbocharger
  • Horizontal exhaust outlet
  • Paper element air filter complete with restriction indicator

Control system
  • 24 volt starter motor

Cooling system
  • Pressurised jacket water cooling system
  • Two stage air-to-water charge cooler, jacket/secondary water cooled

Core engine
  • Aluminium alloy piston with advanced bowl design. Three ring pack, gallery (oil) cooled
  • Crankshaft driven gear train for camshaft
  • Forged camshaft – carburised hardened
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • High grade cast iron featuring integral crankcase inspection doors
  • High grade cast iron individual cylinder heads, each with four valves per cylinder
  • Split cap connecting rods, forged steel with multi-bolt fixing – shot peened
  • Wet type liners in centrifugal cast iron, plateau honed for quick ring bedding and reduced oil consumption

Flywheel and flywheel housing
  • Cast iron flywheel housing SAE 00 and flywheel SAE J620 Size 18
  • Viscous type torsional vibration damper

  • All engines are preserved after test running, shrink wrapping and suitable for containerised shipment
  • Commercial primer finish
  • Engine supports: front and rear feet mounted off the crankcase

Governing, gas and ignition system
  • Air/Fuel mixer with Heinzmann Elektra gas injection valve control system; automatic adjustment according to fuel gas characteristics
  • Engine protection system for high/low coolant temperature and low oil pressure, overspeed, misfire and knock protection
  • Full electronic management system, governing to ISO 8528 Part 5 Class G2 standard
  • Individual cylinder ignition coils mounted direct to the spark plugs

Oil system
  • Crankcase closed circuit ventilation system
  • Gear driven, externally mounted lubricating oil pump
  • Jacket water cooled shell and tube oil coolers
  • Spin-on, canister type replaceable lubricating oil filters