4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine

4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine

Product Specifications for 4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine

Power Rating

Emission Standards


Engine Dimensions*


4016-61TRS Spark Ignited Gas Engine Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Dry cast iron exhaust manifolds with heat shields
  • Exhaust gas driven turbocharger
  • Horizontal exhaust outlet
  • Paper element air filter complete with restriction indicator

Control system

  • 24 volt starter motor

Cooling system

  • Pressurised jacket water cooling system
  • Two stage air-to-water charge cooler, jacket/secondary water cooled

Core engine

  • Aluminium alloy piston with advanced bowl design. Three ring pack, gallery (oil) cooled
  • Crankshaft driven gear train for camshaft
  • Forged camshaft – carburised hardened
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • High grade cast iron featuring integral crankcase inspection doors
  • High grade cast iron individual cylinder heads, each with four valves per cylinder
  • Split cap connecting rods, forged steel with multi-bolt fixing – shot peened
  • Wet type liners in centrifugal cast iron, plateau honed for quick ring bedding and reduced oil consumption

Flywheel and flywheel housing

  • Cast iron flywheel housing SAE 00 and flywheel SAE J620 Size 18
  • Viscous type torsional vibration damper


  • All engines are preserved after test running, shrink wrapping and suitable for containerised shipment
  • Commercial primer finish
  • Engine supports: front and rear feet mounted off the crankcase

Governing, gas and ignition system

  • Air/Fuel mixer with Heinzmann Elektra gas injection valve control system; automatic adjustment according to fuel gas characteristics
  • Engine protection system for high/low coolant temperature and low oil pressure, overspeed, misfire and knock protection
  • Full electronic management system, governing to ISO 8528 Part 5 Class G2 standard
  • Individual cylinder ignition coils mounted direct to the spark plugs

Oil system

  • Crankcase closed circuit ventilation system
  • Gear driven, externally mounted lubricating oil pump
  • Jacket water cooled shell and tube oil coolers
  • Spin-on, canister type replaceable lubricating oil filters

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