4016TAG Electric Power Diesel Engine


Features At A Glance

Advanced gallery jet cooling system
Optional equipment

Product Specifications for 4016TAG

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Total Power Range

50 Hz Typical Electrical Output

Emission Standards


Engine Dimensions*



4016TAG Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Mounted air filter and turbochargers

Cooling system

  • Crankshaft pulley for fan drive
  • Twin gear driven circulating pumps
  • Two twin thermostats

Electrical equipment

  • 24 volt combined high coolant temperature/low oil pressure switch
  • 24 volt Electronic Shut Off Solenoid (ESOS) energised to run
  • 24 volt starter motor and 24 volt 40 amp alternator with integral regulator and DC output
  • Overspeed switch and magnetic pickup
  • Turbine inlet temperature shutdown switch

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • SAE 00 flywheel housing
  • SAE J620 size 18 flywheel

Fuel system

  • Full flow spin-on fuel oil filters
  • Unit fuel injectors with lift pump and hand stop control


  • Electronic governor to ISO 3046 Part 4 class A1

Oil system

  • Engine jacket water/lubricating oil temperature stabiliser
  • Full flow spin-on oil filters
  • Wet sump with filler and dipstick

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