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Our 4016 range gives you the versatility and heavy duty performance you need in today's power generation market. The Perkins 4016 engines feature 16 cylinders and a massive 61 litre displacement in both ElectropaK and Electro Unit variants. The 4016 range offers 1400-2500 kVA generator output. Our 4016 range engines have exceptional power-to-weight ratio and compact design, making them easy to transport and install.


61 litre

1400-2500 kVA

Designed for use in non-regulated territories

The 4016-61TRG is quad turbocharged and air-to-water chargecooled

Power Rating

Mechanical Output 1179-2083 kWm 1179-2083 kWm Less
Electrical Output 1400-2500 kVA (1120-2000 kWe) 1400-2500 kVA (1120-2000 kWe) Less
Rated Speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm Less

Emission Standards

Emissions Unregulated Unregulated Less


Bore 6.3 in 160.0 mm Less
Stroke 7.5 in 190.0 mm Less
Displacement 3730.0 in³ 61.1 l Less
Aspiration Quad turbocharged and air-to-water charge cooled Quad turbocharged and air-to-water charge cooled Less
Rotation from Flywheel End Anti-clockwise Anti-clockwise Less
Total Coolant Capacity 71.3 gal (US) 270.0 l Less
Total Lubricating Capacity 56.3 gal (US) 213.0 l Less
Cycle 4 stroke 4 stroke Less
Compression Ratio 13.1:1 13.1:1 Less
Combustion System Direct injection Direct injection Less
Cooling System Liquid Liquid Less
Number of Cylinders 16 Vee 16 Vee Less

Engine Dimensions*

Minimum Height 83.8 in 2128.0 mm Less
Maximum Width 86.0 in 2185.0 mm Less
Dry Weight 12279.7 lb 5570.0 kg Less
Maximum Height 147.0 in 3736.0 mm Less
Minimum Width 67.8 in 1723.0 mm Less
Maximum Length 179.6 in 4562.0 mm Less
Minimum Length 130.0 in 3302.0 mm Less

Advanced gallery jet cooling system

The Perkins 4016 range gives you 1400-2500 kVA generator output.

A key benefit of the 4016-61TRG engines is the option to have a remote cooling system, making it a great product for use in locations such as high-rise buildings.

They are economical and durable, with excellent power-to-weight ratios, outstanding load acceptance and improved emissions.

Optional equipment

Options for your 4016 range diesel engines include:

•    Tropical radiator, including water pipes, clips and hoses, fan, fan guards and belts

•    Immersion heater with thermostat

4016-61TRG Standard Equipment

Air inlet system
  • Mounted air filter and turbochargers

Cooling system
  • Powder coated radiator comprising: water radiator; air charge cooled radiator; fuel oil cooling (optional); all pipes, hoses and clips; fan; pulleys; fan belts and safety guards
  • System designed for ambients up to 50ºC (122ºF)
  • Two triple thermostats

Electrical equipment
  • 24 volt starter motor and 24 volt alternator with integral regulator and DC output
  • Air shut off valve wiring harness – fully wired
  • Turbine inlet temperature shutdown switch
  • Twin high coolant temperate shutdown switches
  • Twin low oil pressure shutdown switches

Flywheels and flywheel housing
  • Flywheel to SAE J620 size 18, 533.4 mm (21 in)
  • SAE 00 flywheel housing

Fuel system
  • Direct fuel injection system, fuel lift pump
  • Full flow spin-on fuel oil filters

  • Governing to ISO 8528-5 class G2 with isochronous capability

Oil system
  • Full flow spin-on oil filters
  • Wet sump with filler and dipstick