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The Perkins 403 range of electric power (EP) engines delivers the same compact benefits of its 2 cylinder stablemate, but takes a stride forward in terms of noise, refinement and power. The 3 cylinder range offers excellent power density and superb fuel economy and is designed to meet your power generation needs in both unregulated territories where extreme conditions are likely, and higher regulated territories with more stringent emissions standards.


0.7 litre

5.8-13.5 kVA

The 403D-07G Electro Unit is one of the smallest engines offered by Perkins and provides ultra-compact, lightweight power. It's designed to meet EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 4 interim emissions standards.

Power Rating

Mechanical Output** 5-14 kWm 5-14 kWm Less
Electrical Output** 5-15 kVA (5-12 kWe) 5-15 kVA (5-12 kWe) Less
Rated Speed 1500/1800/3000/3600 rpm 1500/1800/3000/3600 rpm Less

Emission Standards

Emissions EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 Less


Bore 2.6 in 67.0 mm Less
Stroke 2.8 in 72.0 mm Less
Displacement 46.4 in³ 0.76 l Less
Aspiration Naturally aspirated Naturally aspirated Less
Rotation from Flywheel End Anti-clockwise Anti-clockwise Less
Total Coolant Capacity 0.6 gal (US) 2.6 l Less
Total Lubricating Capacity 0.8 gal (US) 3.0 l Less
Number of Cylinders 3 inline 3 inline Less
Cooling System Liquid Liquid Less
Cycle 4 stroke 4 stroke Less
Compression Ratio 23.5:1 23.5:1 Less
Combustion System Indirect injection Indirect injection Less

Engine Dimensions*

Dry Weight 191.8 lb 87.0 kg Less
Length 20.0 in 509.0 mm Less
Width 14.8 in 376.0 mm Less
Height 20.7 in 528.0 mm Less


Note 2 ESE (1800 rpm - Certified model) only - Emergency Stationary Equipment ESE (1800 rpm - Certified model) only - Emergency Stationary Equipment Less
Note 1 Final dimensions dependent on selected options Final dimensions dependent on selected options Less

Compact and flexible

When you need power and reliability in a compact application, you can trust the 400 Series EP engines to deliver. Our engineers have carefully designed every component to minimise space. This can come in particularly handy in higher regulated territories where you need to consider size and space for aftertreatment solutions. Some models in the series also offer the convenience of switching between engine speeds and electrical frequencies to match your application and territory perfectly.

Efficient, quiet and powerful

The pressure on end users to reduce the fuel consumption of their machinery favours the 3 cylinder 403. Its power density, durability, fuel efficiency and quiet operation set it apart from similar sized competitors' engines. The 403 range's quiet operation makes it an excellent option where noise is a concern, particularly if you're operating in urban areas.

Lower operating costs

The reliability of the 403 range, its uncomplicated indirect injection fuel system, ease of installation and warranty offering all combine to keep your ownership costs to a minimum. As the 400 Series is built on a common engine platform, you can also upgrade easily and affordably.

403D-07G Standard Equipment

Control system
  • 12 volt Electronic Shut Off Solenoid (ESOS) energised to run
  • 12 volt starter motor and 12 volt 14 amp alternator with DC output
  • Glow plug cold start aid and heater/starter switch
  • Oil pressure and coolant temperature switches

Cooling system
  • Thermostatically controlled system with belt driven coolant pump and pusher fan
  • Radiator and hoses supplied separately

Flywheel and flywheel housing
  • 1500/1800 rpm High inertia flywheel to SAE J620 Size 6½ heavy flywheel housing SAE 5 Long
  • 3000 rpm High inertia flywheel to SAE J620 Size 6½ light flywheel housing SAE 5 Short

Fuel system
  • Mechanically governed cassette type fuel injection pump
  • Split element fuel filter

  • Front and rear engine mounting brackets

Oil system
  • Wet steel sump with filler and dipstick
  • Spin-on full flow lubricating oil filter