1104C-44TG Electric Power Diesel Engine


Mechanical Output
54-68 kWm
54-68 kWm
Electrical Output
60-75 kVA (48-60 kWe)
60-75 kVA (48-60 kWe)
EU Stage II/U.S. EPA Tier 2
EU Stage II/U.S. EPA Tier 2

Product Specifications for 1104C-44TG

Power Rating

Emission Standards


Engine Dimensions*


1104C-44TG Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Mounted air filter

Control system

  • 12 volt shutdown solenoid energised to run
  • 12 volt starter motor and 12 volt 65 amp alternator with DC output

Cooling system

  • Mounted radiator and piping
  • Thermostatically controlled system with gear driven circulation pump and belt driven pusher fan

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • Flywheel to SAE J620 size 10/11½
  • SAE No. 3 flywheel housing

Fuel system

  • Ecoplus fuel filter
  • Rotary type pump


  • Glow plug cold start aid

Oil system

  • Cast iron sump with filler and dipstick
  • Spin-on oil filter

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