Certified Models 402J-05G

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Key Specs

Gross Mechanical Output
3.6-4 kWm
3.6-4 kWm
Typical Electrical Output
3.5-3.9 kVA (2.8-3.2 kWe)
3.5-3.9 kVA (2.8-3.2 kWe)
EU Stage V
EU Stage V


The Perkins® 400 Series engine family continues to set new standards in the compact engine market. Developed alongside customers to fulfil their needs in the generator set market, they have been designed to comply with stringent emissions regulations for EU and USA. The 402 product range offers a highly compact Perkins electro units to provide robust 2 cylinder diesel engines designed to provide economic and durable operation for prime power applications, hitting the key power nodes required by the power generation industry.

Product Specifications for 402J-05G

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Total Power Range

50 Hz Typical Electrical Output

Emission Standards


Engine Dimensions*



402J-05G Standard Equipment

Electro unit

Fuel filter, engine mounted

Fuel priming pump (manual)

Air filter, engine mounted

Fuel system

  • Starter motor
  • Battery charging alternator

Flywheel housing



Fan guard

Temperature and oil pressure for automatic stop/alarm configurable

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