The Perkins CMET offer

The Perkins CMET offer

Streamline your engineering process
with Perkins CMET

Comprised of design engineers, technicians and engine installation experts, Perkins Customer Machine Engineering Team (CMET) works in close collaboration with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) engineers to streamline the process of engineering our engine into your machine and optimising its performance to meet your customers’ needs.

“Not to be confused with a traditional technical consultancy, Perkins CMET is a productionisation, collaboration and integration partnership,” says Lucy Wilcox, CMET programme coordinator.

“Perkins has been focused on machine development for over a decade, working successfully through hundreds of installations, and solving the full breadth of technical installation challenges and testing in our world-class facilities. So, when you choose CMET, you get the benefit of all that experience.”  

Lucy continues: “We put the right people on the project to get the best engine integration, which gives you the best performance. Whatever you need to achieve, we’ll help you achieve it.” 

CMET offers a complete or partial package


Design Design


Using Perkins-led engine installation design, we engineer, develop and build machines to prototype, production or demonstrator level. With options to liaise with OEM’s preferred suppliers to streamline processes, and incorporating formal, multi discipline design reviews throughout.

Engine installation Engine installation

Engine Installation

Once the design phase is complete, we work with suppliers to procure new machine components for machine rebuild. Conducting pre and post engine installation machine benchmarking allows detailed analysis of the post installation machine performance. We are also able to assist with chassis modification, hydraulic and transmission changes, as well as electronic integration.

Specialised testing Specialised testing

Specialised Testing

Following engine installation and machine build, we offer machine specific testing tailored to OEM requirements including NVH testing, cold start and high ambient capability testing. As well as any system specific tests required.

Specialised testing Specialised testing

Machine Development

Using decades of machine development knowledge, CMET are able to help get the best performance from your Perkins installation, offering assistance with machine cooling and performance improvement. We have experience in resolving powertrain issues across a range of applications.

Installation sign-off Installation sign-off

Installation Sign-Off

Following the installation and testing period we invite customers to review machine performance, and conduct any validation work required to approve the CMET installation. We produce a complete technical report and conduct a full machine review ready for customer handover.

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