Supporting hybrid fuel technologies

Supporting hybrid fuel technologies

Hybrid technology promises big benefits – from reduced fuel costs and emissions to improved noise levels for operators. As it stands, the demand in the off-highway market is a long way behind the automotive industry. However, we can and will support this emerging market. While there’s not a huge demand to supply a core hybrid engine, we do supply engines that will work effectively in your hybrid applications. We also provide the support you need to integrate them seamlessly whatever territory you operate in.

While hybrid engines are big news in the automotive industry, it is still very much emerging technology in the off-highway market. A hybrid machine is one that uses two or more distinct power sources to move it. Hybrid applications can generate, store and reuse energy, potentially reducing your fuel bills and emissions.

As yet, there's no large demand for the technology in off-highway applications anywhere in the world, beyond a few low-volume products.

It's still very much a niche area, so we don't offer a core hybrid engine package. However, we do understand the market and can provide and fine-tune engines that are compatible with your hybrid applications and also give you the right information and support to seamlessly integrate them.

Supporting hybrid fuel technologies
Hydraulic hybrids can reuse energy that is recovered during normal activity.

Burning less fuel

The benefits of hybrids are well publicised. Hybrid engines burn less fuel by using devices that collect, store and release energy at the right time. It’s not dependent on any particular technology.

Electric hybrids are among the most well known – where an electric motor is used alongside a conventional engine to provide the most efficiency at a given time.

There are other ways to store and reuse energy beyond electric, with hydraulic hybrids becoming more popular in the off-highway market. These machines can potentially reuse energy that is recovered during normal activity. So the more it works, the more fuel and money you save.

We are keeping a close eye on this developing market and have the experience and expertise to respond quickly and deliver new technologies as soon as the market demands it.
David Costura, new technology introduction leader

Transient applications

This makes the technology ideal if you have highly transient applications, such as excavators,wheel loaders or forklifts. It can provide a smart way of recovering energy during normal operation or avoiding the use of fuel when an application spends time idle.

If you’re considering a hybrid solution for your application, we can help you to deliver it. We’ll work up a design brief to help you understand how our engines fit into the solution and then carry out integration workshops where we’ll give you clear guidelines on how to integrate our engine into your hybrid application. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Monitoring the market

We’re keeping a close eye on this developing market and have the experience and expertise to respond quickly and deliver new technologies as soon as the market demands it.

Most applications could see a performance and cost benefit from going hybrid. Talk to your application engineer to find out more about how we can help you deliver a hybrid solution.


Fast facts

Hybrid technology is:

  • Still a niche area in the off-highway market
  • A developing innovation that we're monitoring closely
  • An ideal technology for highly transient applications, such as excavators, wheel loaders or forlifts

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