How series turbos work

How series turbos work

A series turbo set-up involves two turbochargers installed to operate in sequence. The resulting increase in power density and performance enables OEMs to downsize from larger displacement engines to smaller ones.

What are series turbos?

Sometimes referred to as sequential turbos, a series turbo set-up involves two turbochargers installed in series or in line (as opposed to parallel or side by side). With this configuration, we’reable to deliver higher engine ratings through a smaller displacement engine.

What are the strengths of series turbos?

Series turbos will give you increased power density and performance. With the reduction of turbolag you get with series turbos, you can also benefit from an improved transient response and increased turbocharger efficiency. This configuration also provides an opportunity to downsize from an engine with a larger displacement to a smaller one, bringing about improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

Series turbos installed on an engine.

Fast facts

The motor utilises one turbocharger for lower engine speeds and a second, or both, turbochargers at higher engine speeds.

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