Perkins heritage on display

Perkins heritage on display

Perkins has a proud heritage, and many passionate enthusiasts are keen to see examples of the innovations and products that have played a significant role in the development of diesel engines for more than 85 years. Heritage fairs and exhibitions gives us the chance to put our history on display.

We at Perkins know that we have a glittering history in the engineering world going back more than 85 years. It helped to make us what we are today, and it's right that it should be celebrated. Heritage exhibitions give us the opportunity to maintain awareness of the brand among engineering enthusiasts, and to get across the message that the commitment to excellence that our history celebrates is still alive in the modern company.

Members of the Perkins Heritage Group organise travelling displays based on exhibits kept at the company's Heritage Centre in Peterborough, UK. They include many old and iconic engines carefully restored to showroom condition by members of the group.

Among the favourite exhibits are a showroom-standard example of the historic Wolf 4 cylinder engine from 1933- one of the first engines built by the company- and a Leopard, the more powerful version which followed it.

Our proud history.

Other exhibitions have shown examples of the famous P Series, including the P6, advertised in 1937 as 'the world's lightest diesel engine', and examples of development engines from the '40s, '50s and '60s.

We can tailor exhibits for specific events; for example, historic Perkins marine engines have been taken to boar shows and tractor engines to agricultural fairs. On-highway engines from the 1980s have been on display at Vintage Sports Car Club exhibitions.

Sharing our past

We care about sharing our past with people, whether through displaying engines, showing old photographs of our factories, or helping owners of classic Perkins engines. Experts from the Perkins Heritage Group are available at many exhibitions to answer technical questions about historic engines and to advise where parts can be obtained.

But alongside the classics an example of modern Perkins technology is always on display- demonstrating that the tradition of engineering excellence continues today. Perkins remains a company with a history, with tradition, and with a longstanding commitment to excellence in the development of diesel engines.

There is a passionate interest in the heritage of our company- and that translates into the confidence in the engines that we make today.
Wayne Davey, external exhibitions co-ordinator, Perkins Heritage Group

Fast facts

Classics on display- among the iconic Perkins engines that have been shown at exhibitions are:

  • Wolf, 1933
  • Leopard, 1935
  • P Series, 1937
  • Prima on-highway diesel engine, 1980s

Perkins proud past on display at Newark Show

Perkins heritage Newark show

The Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show, organised by the Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society, has established itself as one of the leading exhibitions of its type in the UK.

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