Sustainability for the next decade

Sustainability for the next decade

We aim to benefit the environment and our customers by building greater efficiency into our engines and into the way we make them. Over the next ten years, you’ll see continuing advances in Perkins engines and improvements in the sustainability of our facilities around the world.

The advances we’ve made in sustainability aren’t the end of the story. Over the next ten years, our designers will be building new improvements into our engines, so that they meet and exceed the toughest standards on emissions. And in our facilities, we’ll be continuing to eliminate wastage in our manufacturing processes.

The search for sustainability is a never-ending process.

Sustainable manufacturing

We’ve already reduced energy usage in our production processes with robotic and computerised production lines, and advances in these areas are likely to lead to further improvements.

Similarly, the monitoring and control of heating, lighting and cooling systems will become more effective as controls become more sophisticated. We already save significant amounts of energy by seeing that power’s turned off automatically when it’s not needed – new and more sensitive thermostatic controls will enable us to build on those savings.

We already use spare energy produced by the test cells at our facilities. That’s a process that’s likely to develop as we generate more of our own energy on site. Like most of our sustainability efforts, this benefits the environment and also helps to drive down our costs.

Our more recent facilities have sustainability literally built in, with advanced insulation in walls, floors and ceilings, solar panels on the roof, and waste water capture systems in place to minimise waste. All these technologies can only improve over the next ten years, and we’ll be using them to make each facility as energy efficient as it can be.

We have an exceptional record on sustainability- but we're not standing still. Over the next ten years, you can expect to see us make exceptional even better. We believe passionately in sustainable power and sustainable manufacturing.
Roman Falinski, mechanical services and environment manager

Perkins engines of the future

Our latest EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines meet the toughest emissions standardsanywhere in the world. They’re providing reliable power for our customers now, and they’re a blueprint for future developments.

They have low emissions, improved fuel economy, greater power density and extended service intervals – and our designers are working now on making them better still.

Design features such as enhanced electronics, improved diagnostic capability, wastegate and series turbocharging, and the recirculation of cooled exhaust gases all help to produce leaner, greener power. They’re just some of the areas that the development teams in our various facilities will be working on to produce the engines of tomorrow.

In the engines that we build, and in the facilities where we build them, we’re always looking for tomorrow’s technologies. Over the next ten years, we’ll build on what we’ve achieved in improving sustainability. Where there are standards in place, we’ll always meet or exceed them.


Fast facts

Sustainability for the next ten years:

  • Robotic and computerised production lines
  • Monitoring and control of energy use
  • Insulation and building technologies
  • Recycling and reuse of waste material
  • Energy-saving technologies in new Perkins engines

Power the future sustainability

The future for engineering lies in sustainability and energy efficiency – and for Perkins, the future starts now. Our latest EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines are a blueprint for future developments, and they’re already providing reliable power for our customers in many parts of the world.

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