Sustainability for years to come

The search for sustainability is a never-ending process

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Sustainability improvement opportunities

We strive to improve the environment and our customers’ increasing need for more sustainable power by building greater efficiency into our engines and into the way we make them. Over the coming years, you’ll see continuing advances in Perkins power solutions, so that they meet and exceed the toughest standards on emissions.

And in our global facilities we’re committed to continuing to eliminate wastage in our manufacturing processes and improve sustainability. The search for sustainability is a never-ending process.

  • Implementation of energy management systems
  • Robotic and computerised production lines
  • Onsite energy generation
  • Monitoring and control of energy use
  • Energy, waste and water reduction projects
  • Reduction/Reuse/Recycling of waste materials

“We have an exceptional record on sustainability - but we're not standing still.
Continual improvement is embedded in everything we do. We believe passionately in sustainable power and sustainable manufacturing.”

Carl Hodge, environmental manager at Perkins Peterborough facility