Sustainability and the environment

It's an integral part of our business

Perkins environment

How does Perkins promote sustainable development?

Perkins is a company with a keen sense of its environmental responsibilities and a determination to follow a policy of sustainable development. Every stage of the manufacturing processes in our facilities has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy efficient. Sustainability is built into the way we work.

All the teams at our various facilities are trained to be constantly aware of the importance of sustainability. Environmental responsibility is part of being a Perkins employee. We promote sustainable development through:

  • Energy efficient processes
  • Automated controls on energy consuming equipment
  • Monitoring and measurement of emissions by land, water and air
  • Management of waste in line with the waste hierarchy
  • Understanding and adhering to regulatory requirements
  • Communication to employees to ensure engagement and sharing of knowledge
  • Driving continual improvement