Sustainability and the environment

Sustainability and the environment

Perkins is a company with a keen sense of its environmental responsibilities and a determination to follow a policy of sustainable development. Every stage of the manufacturing processes in our facilities has been studied and reassessed to see if there is any way in which it can be made more energy efficient. Sustainability is built into the way we work.

All the teams at our various facilities are trained to be constantly aware of the importance of sustainability. Environmental responsibility is part of being a Perkins employee.

Energy-efficient processes

Computerised controls mean that energy is only used when it’s needed. Lights go out when there’s no one in the room; heating and air conditioning are controlled so that when they’re not needed, they’re not used; production processes have been designed to consume as little energy as possible.

Controlling emissions

The energy we use at our various facilities is carefully controlled, and so are the emissions that we produce. Nothing that can be recycled is allowed to go to waste – at our Peterborough, UK,facility, we have achieved and maintained a 100 percent recycling rate since 2011.

Waste water is treated before it leaves the site, to separate out any oil and other pollutants. Any that is drained straight to rivers or watercourses is subject to intensive purification, and any that goes into the public sewage system meets regulatory standards.

Even noise is treated as air pollution that has to be controlled. Our test beds are housed inspecially designed acoustic enclosures that absorb the noise, reducing any potential nuisance toour neighbours and the risk to our own teams.

Systems in place

Of course, we hope that all our procedures will work all the time. If anything does go wrong, it is immediately thoroughly investigated to see that we learn whatever lessons can be learned and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

And systems are in place to ensure that any problems are kept within the site by shutting off drains and diverting liquid waste to storage tanks where it can be held and treated until the matter is resolved.

Integral to our business

We’re fully compliant with all local and regional environmental requirements governing the useof energy and the treatment of emissions.

For our business, sustainability is an integral part of our activities and is something thatemployees are constantly aware of.

At Perkins, sustainability is one of our core values.


Fast facts

How does Perkins promote sustainability development?

  • Energy efficient processes
  • Computer controls on energy use
  • Monitoring emissions by land, water and air
  • Observing and adhering to the toughest regulatory standards

Sustainability for the next decade

Sustainability for the next decade

We aim to benefit the environment and our customers by building greater efficiency into our engines and into the way we make them. Over the next ten years, you’ll see continuing advances in Perkins engines and improvements in the sustainability of our facilities around the world.

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