Quality of remanufactured parts is as good as new

Perkins is driving sustainable change through advanced processes and product innovation. It leads the way in remanufacturing, finding new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reclaim materials which otherwise go to waste. The process sees Perkins return products at the end of their lives to an as-new condition and helps reduce owning and operating costs because our customers receive the same as-new quality at a fraction of the cost of a new part. All such parts still carry the full 12 month Perkins warranty.

All Perkins genuine parts, including remanufactured parts, meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards and so provide total peace of mind when it comes to quality. We are able to offer competitive prices for our remanufactured parts due to our state of the art remanufacturing techniques which allow us to keep costs down and pass the savings on to you. 

When a returned core arrives at a remanufacturing facility, it is disassembled down to the lowest level, losing its original identity. Each sub component goes through a cleaning process and is inspected against strict engineering specifications to determine if it can be effectively salvaged. Accepted worn out components are then converted into production-ready material through advanced salvage techniques.

These world-class salvage techniques allow us to return otherwise unusable core components to the latest performance specifications. This approach is just one example of how Perkins is developing new solutions to help create a more sustainable environment.

We sell parts according to quality not price

There is a triple benefit all round from using remanufactured parts.

  1. It is good for customers because Perkins remanufactured parts and components provide the same as-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs—while reducing their impact on the environment. They are available over the counter, giving customers more options at repair and overhaul time. The results are maximum productivity and lower costs.
  2. It is good for your business because the remanufacturing programme is based on an exchange system where customers return a used component (core) in return for our remanufactured products giving customers another buying choice and service option for their Perkins engine.
  3. It is good for the environment because Perkins and its parent company recycle almost 55,000 metric tonnes of end-of-life iron annually, reducing waste and minimising the need for raw material to produce new parts. Through remanufacturing, we keep non-renewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.

Just how much energy your remanufactured component will have saved in its production will vary but general manufacturing industry values point to savings in the range of:

  • 80% less energy
  • 88% less water
  • 92% fewer chemical products
  • 70% less waste production.

Whatever the actual figure for your particular part, it will be considerably lower than the cost – both in monetary value and in energy use and pollution produced – of a new, conventionally made part

Industry standard

Perkins parts are remanufactured to strict quality standards, offer like-new performance, have a long, reliable service life and a same-as-new Perkins parts warranty.


Fast facts

Perkins remanufactured aftermarket parts are:

  • Of as good quality, if not better than the original

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