Power the future sustainably

Power the future sustainably

The future for engineering lies in sustainability and energy efficiency – and for Perkins, the future starts now. Our latest EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines are a blueprint for future developments, and they’re already providing reliable power for our customers in many parts of the world.

Perkins has been at the forefront of technology for more than 85 years. Now we’re setting new standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, in engines that will provide their owners with the performance, reliability and low cost of ownership they’ve come to expect.

Low emissions, improved fuel economy, greater power density and extended service intervals –they’re relevant now, and they’ll become even more so in the future.

Perkins technology is tackling those challenges today.

“In tomorrow’s world, sustainability and energy efficiency will be even more important than they are today. We’ve already taken steps to build them into our engines – powering the future sustainably." Oliver Lythgoe, product concept manager

Leaner, greener power

Our EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engines – demonstrate how cutting edge technology can improve performance and efficiency for the owner and cut emissions for the environment at the same time.

They all use the latest high pressure common rail fuel injection, for instance, which creates smaller droplets of fuel that burn more easily, increasing performance and producing less ash.

Other design details, such as our diesel particulate filters and our hydraulic lash adjustment, have been created specifically to cut down on end-user maintenance tasks, reducing costs, improving service intervals and increasing overall efficiency.

Enhanced electronics and improved diagnostic capability help to ensure improved reliability –and any repairs that are necessary are quicker and easier. Other design features, such as wastegate turbocharging, series turbocharging and the recirculation of cooled exhaust gases, all help to produce leaner, greener dependable power.

They’re innovations that matter, for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), for its customers, for the communities in which the equipment is operating and for the environment as well.


Fast facts

Sustainable, energy efficient power, now and in the future:

  • High pressure common rail fuel injection for cleaner power
  • Enhanced electronics and improved diagnostic capability for reliability and longer service intervals
  • Low emissions and improved fuel economy
  • Continuing development and improvement with the customer in mind

Emissions and technology

Our Stage IV and Tier 4 Final technology offering

Globally, there are increasingly stringent standards on emissions – and the technology we use ensures our products meet the standards wherever the engines are being used in the world.

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