Perkins magazines

Perkins magazines

The two Perkins magazines, Powernews and Connections, enable us to speak directly with our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), end users, distributors, the media and other companies in the engineering industry.


Take out a free subscription to Powernews, and the magazine will appear in your inbox as soon as a new edition is published.  There are two editions, one focusing on Europe and the other on the Americas. You can choose whichever one is most relevant to you, or you can take both and get the whole transatlantic picture. A special China edition is published at

Powernews brings you news and stories about Perkins products, facilities and industry topics, along with news, features and information about the customers we work with in industry,construction, agriculture, power generation and all the other sectors of our business.

For our customers, distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users,there’s no better way of keeping up to date with the latest developments and all the different ways that Perkins can benefit your business.

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Connections is the Perkins magazine for India, which is published quarterly. It focuses on news of the Perkins brand, product offerings, information from the distribution network and the latest reports from the new 4000 Series manufacturing facility at Aurangabad.

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Powernews is the Perkins flagship magazine with all the latest news about what's happening at Perkins and in the engineering industry. Download a free subscription here, and never miss a copy.


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