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Perkins Powernews goes digital – your source for off-highway industry news

Perkins brings you all the latest news from the global off-highway industry in its new digital Powernews magazine.

We feature news and topical discussions from the construction, agricultural, electric power, industrial and rental sectors and talk to the key names in these industries.

Every quarter we’ll bring you the latest off-highway trends, while featuring the diverse range of Perkins-powered machines that are powering our world

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The two Perkins magazines, Powernews and Connections, enable us to speak directly with our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), end users, distributors, the media and other companies in the engineering industry.



Powernews brings you news and stories about Perkins products, facilities and industry topics, along with news, features and information about the customers we work with in industry,construction, agriculture, power generation and all the other sectors of our business.

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Connections is the Perkins magazine for India, which is published quarterly. It focuses on news of the Perkins brand, product offerings, information from the distribution network and the latest reports from the new 4000 Series manufacturing facility at Aurangabad.

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