New Perkins® Syncro 2.8 liter engine on display at The Rental Show

New Perkins® Syncro 2.8 liter engine on display at The Rental Show

Part of the Perkins® Syncro compact range, the 4 cylinder 2.8 liter diesel engine delivers 74 hp, up to 325 Nm of torque and meets multiple global emissions standards including U.S EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V.

Engineered to integrate perfectly into more than 80 different machine models, the 2.8 liter common rail engine, available as a turbocharged and a turbocharged aftercooled variant, delivers the performance, value and reliability our customers expect to help them access new markets and support their business growth.

The high power and torque density of the 2.8 liter will give Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to move to smaller, more compact engines. The great fuel consumption, fast response and electronic integration they need to differentiate their machines is achieved through an increase in power density of 22 percent when downsizing.

The Perkins Syncro 2.8 liter benefits from a suite of technologies including a common rail fuel system, electronic control, advanced air systems and aftertreatment configurations. 

The recent advances in fuel systems, control systems, predictive engineering and aftertreatment ensures our new 2.8 liter engine is the right solution for off-highway machines like wheeled loaders, telehandlers and excavators
David Nicoll, global marketing director

The engine’s modular design ensures the 2.8 liter model’s ease of integration into existing – and future – generations of machine. Manufacturing will start on a proven production line in Peterborough, UK, and Perkins is developing the capacity to manufacture the engine in facilities in the Americas and in Asia. This multi-region production capability will provide OEMs short, consistent lead times and the business stability they value.

As many machines in this power band enter the rental sector, the need for good value, compact and reliable engines have been among the project’s primary requirements. A number of key performance features have been included as David explains: “High power and torque and fast response are key enablers for engine downsizing, and can help OEMs deliver machines that are easy to operate.”

The 2.8 liter benefits from flexible aftertreatment options, with an array of engine and off-engine mounted options for optimized packaging in all machines. David added: “We’ve leveraged the extensive aftertreatment experience gained over the last five years and believe a compact two stage system will provide our customers with the most flexible package solution for all emissions standards, plus common installation and manufacturing benefits.”

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