Powering telecoms success with Perkins® 400 Series engines

Powering telecoms success with Perkins® 400 Series engines

The introduction of new 1.5 and 2.2 litre variable speed models to our 400 Series range and extended service intervals, ensures we have a complete product line-up that make us the perfect partner for telecoms projects.

By choosing Perkins engines, customers receive quality, reliability and consistency as standard. Our engines are ideal for reducing owning and operating costs, with excellent fuel consumption and the durability to operate in any territory.

The telecoms sector is booming worldwide. In India, for example, state-run BSNL is planning 21,000 new masts across the New Delhi capital territory to improve mobile service quality.

Meanwhile, in the UK, industry experts predict the new 5G network will give rise to a new generation of telecoms towers. They’ll help transmit the signals that enable innovative new technologies, such as driverless cars and remote medical treatment.

If this exciting industry is your business, Perkins has the products, knowledge and global resources to be your perfect partner. Through our 400 Series, we offer a complete engine range for telecoms towers. The recent addition of two new variable speed models to the range means we can offer fixed speed and variable speed engines from 0.5 litres to 2.2 litres, which meet all the key power nodes between 5-40 kVA.

Industry knowhow

We understand the industry and know towers in different areas have different requirements for example being on grid, but requiring generator set back-up; or off grid with a continuously running generator. Whatever the need, our engines will integrate seamlessly into the telecoms solution that’s being installed.

Recognising the intense focus on reducing owning and operating costs for telecoms towers in the field, our investments in extending our service intervals are one step to helping customers achieve that goal.

We also know regulators globally are demanding that telecoms businesses minimise the environmental impact of their operations. We support our customers by providing hybrid solutions, suitable for hybrid generators with a battery and hybrid generators with battery and solar power. These solutions can directly help customers meet the required standards in whichever territory they do business in.

Reasons to choose Perkins as your telecoms partner:

  • Proven engine core with more than one million engines sold
  • Broad engine platform capable of meeting all key power nodes
  • Available from four global facilities with global product support coverage
  • Fixed and variable speed engines to meet different requirements
  • Excellent performance at high and low load points
  • Extended service intervals to reduce operating costs
  • Proven in the field to deliver consistent high performance and meet the most stringent emission standards
  • Switchable 50/60 Hz ratings to minimise your inventory costs

Perkins has the product range, experience, and a reliable global support network to be the ideal partner for telecoms companies, wherever they are in world.
Trevor Toulson, Director Sales and Distribution for EAME & CIS and Perkins EP Business Strategy