Agrishow 2019: Perkins powers a multitude of machines (and maybe even your breakfast)

Agrishow 2019: Perkins powers a multitude of machines (and maybe even your breakfast)

For the fifth consecutive year, Perkins participated in South America’s biggest agriculture event and showcased a variety of ag-friendly engines. So what’s that got to do with the day’s first meal?

If it weren’t for Brazil, your breakfast would probably look a lot different. As the world’s largest producer of orange juice, coffee and sugar (and second largest producer of soybeans), agriculture is BIG business for the sunny South-American country. That’s why each year in the spring, agribusiness’ biggest and best come together for Agrishow -- South America’s largest agriculturally-focused event.

This year, Agrishow was buzzing about Brazil’s newest emissions standards known as MAR-1. Because of Perkins global emissions expertise and longtime involvement in the agribusiness sector, we were able to implement and adapt to this new standard without missing a beat. Evidence of this could be seen in the stands of  LS Tractor, Agrale, Landini and Manitou -- OEMs that proudly featured MAR-1 compliant Perkins-powered machines during the weeklong event. 

“Perkins is continually investing in new technologies to help OEMs  meet emissions challenges like MAR-1. Agrishow 2019 was the prime platform not only to share our history of emissions expertise, but also to reinforce our pledge to agribusiness and engage with Brazilian and Latin American OEMs and end-users and help them overcome any MAR-1 challenges they may be facing,” Ron Schultz – Americas sales director said. “Perkins is perfectly poised to help lead our customers on a path toward success.”

Aside from seeing our engines power so many machines, Agrishow always brings about a sense of immense satisfaction for the Perkins team. Our participation in such an important event not only reinforces our commitment to agribusiness, it also helps secure our position in the market as a leading engine supplier for the agricultural sector.

And to think… The next time you take a sip of your coffee or a bite of your doughnut, there’s a good chance Perkins helped power your breakfast. 


The agricultural landscape

With 85 years of agricultural heritage, Perkins understands agriculture and the needs of the sector. Whether it’s powering applications on farms, in forestry work or lawn and garden care. Perkins has a complete range of reliable engines, which meet different emissions standards, and provide low cost of ownership. We tailor engines to meet the specific needs of your particular application, and provide global service support to keep the engine running.

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