Perkins® My Engine App Gets Upgrade to Include Direct Link to On-Line Shops in the UK and U.S.

Perkins® My Engine App Gets Upgrade to Include Direct Link to On-Line Shops in the UK and U.S.

The groundbreaking Perkins® My Engine App, which has been downloaded by users more than 150,000 times, has now been further enhanced to include a direct link to the Perkins on-line shops in the UK and U.S. This new feature will use the customer’s registered engine within the app, along with our eCommerce advanced search tool to present all the relevant parts available for purchase to the user.

The app, working with the Edison Award winning Perkins® SmartCap, gives users access to a wide range of operational, maintenance and service data on their equipment powered by Perkins mechanical and electronic diesel engines.

“The Perkins My Engine App delivers a huge benefit for owners and operators of Perkins powered machines,” explained Michael Wright – General Manager, Aftermarket. “It’s an electronic service book providing access to the engine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual and Parts Book, it offers service scheduling and reminders, it includes consumable information for quick reference, and now it allows UK and U.S. users to simplify purchase of the parts they need with direct, on-line ordering”.

With the new upgrades, the Perkins My Engine App not only notifies users of necessary services and helps them find a local distributor, it also allows them to buy genuine Perkins parts to accomplish their required service and maintenance tasks. Those parts are designed by the same engineers who designed their engine and always include any engineering updates to the design spec since the engine was first purchased.

“The addition of online ordering functionality to the Perkins My Engine App is a great step forward for owners and operators, allowing identification then purchase of parts needed in just a few clicks,” said Michael. “Now UK and U.S. app users can be assured of the uptime and performance they expected when they specified a Perkins powered piece of equipment.”

The Perkins My Engine App features also include:

  • Countdown to next service
  • The ability to view multiple engine locations on a single map
  • An engine start counter
  • Link to help customers find their local Perkins distributor
  • Engine sharing feature

The award-winning Perkins SmartCap, which replaces the engine’s conventional oil filler cap, is a low-cost engine level telematics device available from Perkins and Perkins distributors. The upgraded Perkins My Engine App is available for a free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.