Perkins collaborates with customers in readiness for China Nonroad Stage IV emission standards

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Monday September 30, 2019

Perkins has ramped up its collaborative activities with its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers in advance of new China Nonroad Stage IV emission standards which are expected to come into force on December 1, 2020 for all non-road mobile machines (NRMMs).

When the new NRMM emission standards are introduced, it will be the first time aftertreatment will be required for non-road mobile engines operating in China.

“The new emission standards represent a big change for Chinese OEMs, but with the right planning and by collaborating with an experienced engine company like Perkins, it should be a smooth process for OEMs,” Tommy Quan, Perkins Asia director of sales and distribution said.

Perkins China NR Stage IV

With more than 87 years of engine expertise to draw on -- in which the company has met the most stringent of global emission standards -- Perkins is prepared for China NR Stage IV and at Bauma China 2018 showed five engines which have been designed to meet the new standards.   

At China NR Stage IV the emission standards will require manufacturers to implement different technologies across the power ranges. There is no one single “perfect solution” across the range for this demanding market as the right technology at 50 kW for example, will be different from that offered at 150 kW and different again from 250 kW. The technologies that Perkins will utilise for different engines throughout the range include electronic control, common rail fuel systems, advanced turbocharging, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

“It is very important not to think of this as simply adding aftertreatment technology to an existing China NR Stage III engine,” Tommy said. “To ensure the OEM has a productive, durable and fluid-efficient machine, the different technologies need to be designed and integrated to work together, thereby delivering the appropriate solution.”

Perkins already has considerable experience in producing and delivering low emissions engines and compact aftertreatment technologies and has accumulated approximately 1.3 billion hours of real world, off-highway experience with DPF technologies at EU Stage IV and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final.

Perkins will offer customers access to a broad range of 0.7 to 18 litre engines at China NR Stage IV, with a top power output of 470 kW. As well as meeting the emission standards the new engine range offers OEMs significant performance benefits including higher power density and torque, enabling them to get more power for their machine from a compact package size, and the flexibility to fit the aftertreatment components on engine or close to it.

“We’re extremely confident in the performance and durability of our China NR Stage IV engines which will also seek to maximise OEM productivity via patent aftertreatment technology and a transparent DPF regeneration process,” Tommy added.

With an increasingly complex range of emission standards across the world, OEMs want to sell machines in multiple regions to support business stability and growth, but the costs of designing a different machine for each region is unsustainable. An important consideration for Chinese OEMs looking to grow both their domestic and export business is that all engines in the Perkins China NR Stage IV 0.7 to 18 litre range have been designed as modular products. So, versions of the engine for different emissions standards and fuel specifications can be used with the same installation and, critically, the same engine performance and machine integration – enabling OEMs to meet all their emissions needs within a single machine design, saving them both money and engineering time.

“We’ve been building engines for construction, agricultural and industrial machines for more than 87 years and have more than 21 million engines behind us,” Jaz Gill, Perkins Vice President global sales, marketing, service and parts said. “We are true off-highway experts who understand how real machines work in tough conditions. All our technology is designed and proven to withstand the high temperatures, high vibration and high duty cycles they’re likely to experience on many construction sites or out in the field.”

He continued: “Furthermore, we have worked closely with our Chinese OEMs for nearly 15 years now and they continue to demand a high level of quality from us. This is not going to change at China NR Stage IV, so to ensure they have a reliable machine, OEMs will need to select an engine supplier who is used to designing, building and servicing engines to a high-quality standard.

“We know we have the experienced teams in place to manufacture and integrate these optimised engines which feature proven technologies and compact aftertreatment, and we have a strong distribution network in place across China with Forshan SD Elco Power Equipment Ltd and Lei Shing Hong Machinery Ltd, who can provide service and ongoing support for this latest generation of engines.”