Over 85 years of innovation and excellence

Over 85 years of innovation and excellence

With a rich heritage spanning more than 85 years, Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel and gas engines.

“Today, our engines are manufactured across four continents and power more than 800 different applications in the construction, power generation, agricultural, material handling, industrial and marine markets,” says Andy Curtis, Global Direct OEM Sales Director. “So, whatever the application, whatever power and torque is required and whatever global emission standards you are working to, you can be confident that Perkins has the right engine to meet your needs.”

The vision and values held by the Company founder, Frank Perkins have driven Perkins and its customers to continual successes across the decades. And just as was the case back in 1932 when the first 4-cylinder Vixen and Wolf engines were launched, the Perkins philosophy in 2017 remains concentrated on providing competitive and dependable industrial power solutions’.

“We are proud of our British heritage and our high-quality standards,” says Sylvia Burwood, EAME (Europe, Africa and Middle East) Regional Marketing Manager. “At all our facilities, we build our products to the same consistent global standards and integrate the right engines to perfectly meet the needs of our growing number of OEM partners.”

With a global product support network, Perkins is able to meet the needs of OEMs locally. Whether an OEM needs an engine, a genuine part, approved service or technical guidance, Perkins’ team is always on hand to provide responsive and high-quality support, built around the needs of its OEM customers.

There is far more to Perkins than just engines. Perkins’ collaborative approach with OEMs is focused on working as an extension to the OEM’s own team. “We look to create strong and productive relationships, which drive cost-efficiencies and profitability into every aspect of the OEM’s business,” says Product Concept Marketing Manager, Oliver Lythgoe. “We have the experience, knowledge and commitment to add value across an OEM’s enterprise, helping that manufacturer to achieve its business objectives.”

Key facts:

  • 20 million Perkins engines have been built, of which at least 4.5 million are still in service.
  • Perkins has the capacity to manufacture 800,000 engines a year from its manufacturing facilities in Peterborough and Stafford, UK; Griffin in Georgia and Seguin in Texas, USA; Curitiba in Brazil; Wuxi in China; and Aurangabad and Hosur in India.
  • Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway diesel and gas engines in the 4 – 2000 kW (5 – 2800 hp) market.
  • In 1998 Perkins became a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc.