Longevity, safety and low cost over the lifecycle are just a few reasons why buying genuine Perkins parts makes sense

Longevity, safety and low cost over the lifecycle are just a few reasons why buying genuine Perkins parts makes sense

“Cutting corners by using, non-genuine replacement parts for your engine will only cost you more in the long run,” said Michael Wright, Perkins general manager – aftermarket. “Whether a Perkins engine is powering a tractor bringing in the harvest, a generator set providing standby power to hospitals or is the heart of an earthmoving machine, only genuine Perkins parts will guarantee customers the high standards, confidence and dependability they expect from investing in a machine with a Perkins engine.”

Perkins parts are specifically designed to match individual engine characteristics across the Perkins engine range, to fit the first time and to save on costly downtime. They are designed by the same engineers that design Perkins engines and to the same exact standards, maximising component life and engine performance.

“Non-genuine parts are not licensed by Perkins and using non-genuine parts can reduce engine performance, reliability and durability, potentially turning a superficial savings into a huge, unnecessary cost,” said Adrian Talbot, Perkins product and marketing manager. “If you decide to choose a non-genuine component you may not only affect the engine’s performance but the whole life of your machine.”

Non-genuine parts are designed using a reverse engineering process, which means an original part is stripped out and simply copied. Compromising on the quality of the materials increases the risk that the parts will not fit or perform correctly. “They might appear to work initially,” Adrian said, “but their use can lead to rapid wear, poor performance, poor reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and, in extreme cases, component damage or engine failure.”

A working engine endures a massive amount of stress. Only Perkins genuine parts were designed for Perkins engines and together, they are the ideal match for customers around the world who have depended on Perkins for more than 85 years. Perkins distributors are positioned globally to provide service and support to Perkins customers.

“Our customers rely on the Perkins distributor network around the world for the widest selection of Perkins parts, available when and where they need them and they will tell you only a genuine Perkins part will do,” added Adrian.

Belagro 2018 - Perkins stand C12-D11

Perkins makes its debut at Belagro 2018, a leading international agricultural technology show in Belarus, from June 5-10, taking a message of innovation, expertise and capability to this expanding market. The engines on display underline the company’s ability to offer a solution to suit every original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) machine line-up. Perkins staff will be on hand with expert support.

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