Perkins Irlam: genuine parts

Perkins Irlam: genuine parts

Speed, efficiency and reliability are at the heart of the unrivalled product support you get from our parts distribution centres. Perkins Irlam, working alongside our parts centre in Singapore, deals with orders and 850,000 lines a year, making sure that customers Worldwide get the right part, to the latest specification, as quickly as possible.

The parts that are sent out from Irlam are exactly the same as those fitted to new engines, and there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Every month we check over 300 different part numbers for quality and conformance to a set of design specifications, each specific to that individual part, to ensure that you receive parts that you can rely on for the service and maintenance of your engine.

We collaborate both with suppliers and customers: if there is any report of a defect in a specific part, we quarantine that part and check all the supplier’s deliveries in a full investigation to see the problem is not repeated. And we work with our suppliers to resolve the issue, so that future deliveries meet our high standards.

We observe the highest standards, and we insist that our suppliers and our couriers do the same. The part you order is the part you’ll get, and we see to it that the quality you get is the quality you expect.

Fast and efficient

Once an order from any one of over 400 customer accounts around the world has been processed, speed is crucial. Our experience has allowed us to select airports and carriers to provide the fastest and most efficient service. We have direct airport clearance to cut delivery times even further.

In the aftermarket, as with the engines that leave our factories, you can depend on Perkins.


Address information

Perkins Parts Distribution Centre
Frank Perkins Way
Northbank Industrial Park
Irlam, Manchester
M44 5PP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)161 776 5000
Fax: +44 (0)161 776 5200

Facility information

  • Warehouse size: 4.4 acres (192,000ft²)
  • Capacity: 43,000 part numbers stocked
  • Orders: 800,000 processed per annum
  • Employees: Approximately 200

Fast facts

  • Over 150,000 orders/800,000 lines processed each year
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Direct shipment service option available to European customers